Friday, March 3, 2017

Spring Break in #NewBrunswick #Canada next week - #NB411

I write about Uganda for my global friends to understand life in Uganda.  I write about life in Canada for my friends in Uganda to get a bit of an understanding of life in Canada.

This coming week, our province has Spring break and there will be no school all week. Other provinces had it last week or week after for High Schools (Secondary Schools) and elementary schools.

Universities also have had their Spring Break (March Break) but it varies by province.

The winters are long and cold and a break helps kids to distress and many parents take their kids south to places like Florida, Mexico, Cuba or the Carolinas for the one week.  Naturally the parents have to miss work but vacation time in Canada is so generous most parents use some of their vacation for Spring Break.

We also get Fall Break depending on the province and school and it is also one week.

Spring / March Break is really big in Canada and USA and it involves flying to somewhere hot to chillax from the winter.

As I write this, a family up the road which is like the second family for our kids is about to land in Cuba.  Our family never travels anywhere for Spring / March Break as we have to fly to France in summer and for Christmas or fly to Uganda so we are used to hanging around here in our neighbourhood.

What I am finding interesting about this March Break is the kids.  Most of all the kids in the Shediac and Moncton area work part time on weekends (Friday after school, Saturday and Sunday).  All the employers of these kids work around the hours for school, their activities and then allocate them hours for what they can do.  This is unheard of in Uganda.

Next week, most kids are getting 40hrs for the week at their part time jobs.  Turns out the grown ups who work during the week are taking the week off to go places with their own kids.  So we have kids flying to South America and the Caribbean and then we have the ones who will work full time so their colleagues can fly away with their kids.  The kids are all excited for the extra hours since minimum wage at the rate of $10.75 per hour for 40hrs is pretty good money for a 14 - 16yrs old kid.

Canada allows kids to work from age 14 upwards but the employers cannot make kids to work outside of school hours or make them work too many hours to affect their school work.  The kids learn to make money and respect money.  They also learn that at their age if they drop out of school, they will be earning the same as their elders like their parents and grandparents.  It teaches them to focus on school and earn money at the same time.

I think that Canada might not be a perfect country but I think it is right up there with the best countries for it caters for the young generation and what else do we want but a country which plans for the youth.  Then I look at some countries and wonder why they do not see that the youth are the ones that will look after all of us in our old age.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada

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