Thursday, March 16, 2017

#SocialMedia use for the average #Ugandan

If you thought I had finished writing about social media then you thought wrong.

Did you know that we expend energy complaining about Museveni for protecting thieves when half the time he does not know he is surrounded by mafia.  He is a very approachable gentleman so we need to give him the benefit of doubt and understand that his army or police kill our people.  In addition sometimes he does not know his Intelligence organisations fake intel reports.

Jokes aside. Museveni is a ruthless murderer!

When it comes to services there are 3 key organisations we need to work with so that they can provide services we pay for.

Please report all crime to the police promptly. There are some hard working true policecofficers so we must not think that police is useless.  And share the story with all your contacts on social media so that the bad apples do not ruin the imahe of an underpaid starving police office who might even be forced to hire out their guns so that they can feed their families given how little they are paid and how late their salaries come.

Stop stealing electricity.  You do not have a degree in Conductivity so the Bagisu who wire via matooke plants will electrocute themselves.
All hydro issues reported to Umeme are addressed but please provide the exact location and provide a contact number.

One time when we were in the Masese Estate, there was a big shower and the electic lines fell.  Some little monsters went out to play in the rain and touched a wire. So this little girl is being electrocuted.  Then the little brother runs to save his sister.  Then his mom runs to save the kids.  Then the dad runs to save his family. You can extrapolate.

James and I were watching via the window.  James actually one time electrocuted me in Mbuya but when I cheated death, I learned about grounding from the big book of physics.  No one thought to call UEB to report the fallen wires.  But anyway, my brother quickly ran off to do one of his ecperiments.  He boiled water in the kettle and put his stupid hand in it and got a jolt.  After he proudly got off the floor he was yelling "water and electricity do not mix".

Today that Chinese guy from Busoga who is really a Mugisu Tweeted about a water main break in Bugembe. He said the water was all over the place and shooting so high it was touching electric wires.  Pius is one of those people who will see a house burning and instead of rushing in to save souls, he will use his phone to contact the authorities.  Then the professionals will show up.  This is what we need all Ugandans to do.  Please contact the authorities.  Sometimes they cannot reply immediately but some of us have their mobile numbers and will SMS them to jump out of the meeting.

Please report any accidents, potholes, road flooding and manholes.  The team at UNRA will handle immediate reports but they cannot address issues if we do not tell them.

Together we will #MakeUgandaGreatAgain.
If you fear for safety but have a safety issue to report, please inbox me on my phone or on WhatsApp and the information will be passed onto the right people with your Identification protected.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Mobile / WhatsApp +15068716371
Twitter @mlnangalama
All social media is my name.
#ProudToServe unlike some people who shall remain nameless.

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