Friday, March 31, 2017

Profesional websites are not dating sites - #Uganda

There is rampant abuse of Social Media globally and not only Uganda as you can see from the scren shot.

The majority of people use the Internet for research, business connections and opportunities.

I have written a lot about how to benefit from Social Media and I still get messages even on LinkedIn like "I want to get to know you".

"I like your picture?  I am single and looking".  Who told you I was looking?

But Facebook and WhatsApp win.

"Hia swiri. Are you married? I like you".  My husband is territorial and my kids read all my messages so I do not like you.

And then when you think you have seen it all, another one strikes. "I want you to give me beautiful kids".

Then some people wonder why Social Media comes with the BLOCK button!

But Uganda even goes further.  My mobile is public.  At 5:00AM the phone buzzes.  I jump out of sleep thinking the alarm went off for me to get up and get Mini ready for school.  Then it is not a call because the old woman is sick or anything like that.  It is a message in my inbox "Good afternoon honie.  Will you meet me at Lido Beach?"

You can see how Things Fall Apart.  First of all, you just woke me up and I was panicking thinking it is a family crisis.  Second, it is frigging morning my time. Third, exactly where is Lido Beach?

My admirer was unhappy that I did not know where Lido Beach. I went into gentle mode and told him that I live in Canada and we do not have Lido Beach anywhere in driving distance.

"You are a mufere.  Just like I thought. You are right here in Uganda.  I wanted to prove that you are a liar.  All your posts and news is about everything in Uganda and you say you live in Canada.  Do you even know where Canada is?"

Your honours, I wrest my case.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Love Google because it will tell you a lot. Since when does one have to be in Uganda to know what is going on in Uganda when we have the Internet?

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