Friday, March 10, 2017

President #Trump only wants high skilled people like PhD holders like #Canada

This came as a surprise for me too because during his campaign, Donald Trump said that Canada had a horrible medical care system (ours does not charge by the way, consider Canada).

Then today I read that he would prefer PhD holders and really highly skilled immigrants like what Canada has in place.

There is a very big difference between USA and Canada. Canada does not ban any immigrants because of their religion.  In fact the system works to attract the PhD holders and highly skilled people because it allows them all to also see the people from their countries come here with no discrimination.

When the #MuslimBan was put in place, I warned the world that it was only a mile and he would move thousands of miles and for sure he did.

Silicon Valley and other inventors thought they were safe from Trumpetmania and they are not.  You see those highly skilled people you have been getting will now go to other countries and Canada of course is a destination but there is also Australia.  By the way, most PhD holders are already taken in their own country too so the competition is rather steep.

Personally, if you discriminate against the people from my country, I will not come into your country to give you of the education that my home country paid for. WAIT, this one is a bit tricky.  Because actually my formative education was in Canada.  AND this of course still means I will never work in USA (Exxonmobil has operations in many countries so for now and forever USA is off the list).

But Americans also need to get serious.  Does Trump have a PhD?  Beautiful Melanie is from which country again and with which PhD from which University?

We forget easily.  When Trump was denigrating women, immigrants, muslims and gay people, did he ever stop to think that he was selling hate?  But now he is shocked that there is anti -semitism. Of course we must not accept anti Jew activity but how loud did you talk when he was preaching against Muslims?

Fascists always start with one group and then move onto other groups and then finally they come for you and there is no one left to speak for you. If you do not see the insanity of the hate which got Trump elected, look at the parties running full steam in Europe to make Europe Great Again.  The price will be very high.  I bet Le Pens will win the French elections and then of course they have forgotten when Paris burned some years ago. Likely the only country which will survive HATE will be Germany because the Germans have a discipline which is admirable and will never allow hate to rule them again.  Does America want a Nazi era so that they learn that hate no longer belongs in our lives?

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada

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