Thursday, March 2, 2017

#Poverty, underlying cause of humanity's suffering

Today I confirmed that I am racist. Of course I am also tribalistic and all my Basoga friends know it.

My realtor in Toronto had told me that I was racist and I had told him that I was not.

When we were looking for a house to buy I had told him

"No black neighbourhood. No Indian. No Pakistan. No Italians.  No Greeks.  No Portuguese​, No Chinese".

I do not think that was racist.

In Toronto predominant neighbourhoods do the following:

Blacks sell drugs and have driveby shootings.

Italians, Greek, Portugues speak very loud and usually yell.

Indians and Pakistanis use strong spices and the whole place smells like curry.

Chinese use a funny language and do not care about their neighbours.  In fact the house we bought had a Chinese buy the house next door.  I used to greet the woman as she was putting her kids on the same school bus as Becky.  She never greeted me back. One time in a major snow storm, she got stuck with her Toyota Camry so I walked over and told her to get out and let me unstuck it. I did.  She did not says Thanks.  She just stared at me like I was an alien (I have a diploma in auto mechanics).
So the next day I tried to greet her and she ignored me. Three days later she got her stuck again.  You can extrapolate.

So this morning, I wake up to an article in HuffingtonPost.

"From Ugandan refugee to Canadian citizen".  I grabbed it to share about how awesome Canada is for immigrants.

Imagine my shock when it says an Indian left Uganda in 1972 when Africa's dictator Amin chased Indians out.

That is the point when I confirmed that I am racist.  The first reaction was you Indians controlled Uganda and it is a good thing you got chased out!

Then another feeling boiled out of me "I hope we can chase all the Rwandese out of Uganda soon for they have invaded our country".

Of course I switched off my phone and went to sleep so that I could re-awake from the nightmare and read that our fellow Ugandans have sold off our country to foreigners.

Ugandans miss Amin.  It is very scary but he was the last patriot.

The current wave of hate against Immigrants in USA is based on poverty and unemployment where many Americans perceive immigrants as taking jobs and being criminals so Trump played on this sentiment.

The South Africa Xenophobia is based on poverty, unemployment and perceiving immigrants as people who take away jobs or commit crimes.

Sadly, Uganda is caught in the same trap.  We make a very big mistake to ignore the malcontent of the people.  Conversations are needed to all work together because in reality, we are all humans and bleed red when we cut ourselves.

Martha Leah Nangalama
I am not racist.  I just abhor how immigrants lay siege to a country without minding about the welfare of the citizens. Uganda's Sudhir is not a bad man but he has a history of being involved in land grabbing in Uganda (even school land) so people should not be surprised when Ugandans celebrate his fall from grace.  Our people are hungry and sick.

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