Thursday, March 23, 2017

Pictures: #Uganda authorities recover arms in a monastery - #AprilRevolution


Tororo Security team comprising of district security officials, police and Uganda People’s Defense Force (UPDF),have  this morning recovered guns and grenades at St. Benedictine Monastery, located along Kwapa road in Eastern Division of Tororo municipality.

Speaking to journalists this afternoon in his office, Tororo Resident District Commissioner Martin Oroch said the guns were found in a used and dumped lagoon which was being cleared by the community youths.

According to the RDC, the priest in charge of the monastery had hired some youths in the area to clean the sock pit which was spraying bad smell to the environment.

Oroch says, as they reached at the bottom of the lagoon, they realized some things wrapped in plastic bags and when they tried to hit them, they discovered they were metals.

Suspiciously they tried to open a little to see, only to discover some machines.

The RDC says that the boys rushed and informed the priest who had hired them and after confirming what he had been told, he immediately informed their lawyer ambassador Opio who later informed the security team of the fragile situation.

The security team recovered eight fire arms including one self loading rifle with 20 rounds of ammunition, one AK47 with 18 rounds of ammunition, 3 stick grenades, 3 anti tank bombs and one offensive grenade.

The RDC further says these machines were wrapped together but well lubricated adding that because of environment and the duration which they might have stayed there, some guns were already damaged.

Oroch clarified that no one around here can be blamed over these weapons because they are old fire arms which he suspect might have been dumped there during Lakwena war.

The recovered weapons are now in safe hands of the UPDF who are the expertise in such fragile items.


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