Friday, March 10, 2017

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The whole last week of February was filled with "my body aches so much I can hardly move".  She had been doing 4 - 5hrs daily Mon to Thur to prepare for the up coming tournaments.  But finally on Friday March 3, 2017 "I swear I cannot move. It hurts so bad mommy you have no idea".

That night I slept beside her and every 5 minutes of WATER I realised that my life was royally screwed,

Saturday March 4, 2017 we are at Saint Marie de Kent.  It is a smaller community hospital and after about 8hrs we walk out with a prescription. Dr. Landry was this gentle patient giant that could not be phased but talked to the kid as if the child were his own.  You people have no idea how wonderful Canadian doctors are. I was thinking that if Kent cannot treat her then it is a ride to Moncton but oh non.  The doctor had blood tests done super quick and then talked to us.  He called 2 days later to check on his little patient too.  This is something we are used to here because Doctors and Nurses live for saving their patients.  In Uganda one needs to pay doctors and nurses to get real medical help albeit that some of it might not even be what you need.

I told one of my friends in Uganda who is a medical doctor and described the symptoms and he diagnosed super quick exactly what Dr. Landry had thought.  So you see, Uganda has excellent doctors too.  We just do not appreciate them.

That night it was hot and cold.  And water every few minutes and she could not move at all.  So I am sitting in the chair beside her bed and hoping for the best.  Taking the temperature every hour and hoping for sleep.

Sunday sharp in the morning, we are at Saint Marie de Kent for yet more tests and of course we stay away from the 2 big hospitals in Moncton.

Some more many hours, we are out with yet another prescription.  Now it is 2 days with no sleep and I am beside myself because the little one is really sick.  I told some of my friends and of course my sister and they prayed.

Sunday night we were too exhausted to even go back to the hospital and managed.  As I was wrapping her up for bed to keep her warm and kissing her cheek, she says "Mom, hold my hand and pray out loud".

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and naturally even today. One of the toughest young women I have ever met in my life asked for Jesus to heal her.  AND praying is nothing new because our daughters all read their Bible but we were facing something that we did not even understand.

Friends and family, Mini is so much better and all will be okay.  Thank you for your prayers.  She can now wash herself, dress herself and feed herself and I think that we will not return to the hospital which by the way has an exceptional staff and they were amazing with a kid who could not move any of her limbs and was in so much pain you have no idea.  Apparently she is gonna work Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Her usual job but since this week was no school, she had been booked for fulltime hours and got nothing.

We take so much for granted it is scary.  When you deal with illiness and especially of a loved one, you realise how a breathe is a gift.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada

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