Friday, March 24, 2017

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I had a funny conversation with our 16 year old this morning.

I told her that she was gonna be late for school.  She had already missed the school bus and was being driven to school.

She had brought home her report card and I guess it gave her wings.

She said "not only am I going to be late but I am making a stop at Tims for a coffee.  And if the teacher takes it away, I will ask him to give me my 6 bucks".

Natasha, this is bad manners and you ought to know better.

"Mom, we have this teacher figured out.  As long as we are not failing, he does not farce too much.  This teacher calls us Ragrats".

Before I proceeded to teach her respect, she says says "he will likely say 'I am glad that you showed up. I wish I could also show up whenever I feel like it!'".

So I waited for the usual automated call "a child called Natasha in your household was late for school, please send a note and explain". The call did not come yet.

Turns out that some teachers understand that teens hate waking up early.

Then she continues "If it was the social studies teacher, I would be in trouble.  OMG if it was the Maths teacher, she would kick me out of the class".

Turns out kids know which teachers will not kick them out.

Walking out "Did you notice I got 100% in Social Studies and 99% in Maths?  I dare not play around with Maths and Social Studies but my English teacher knows I am a hard worker in English so he goes easy on me!"

So we have a kid scared of 2 tearchers but not scared of the one who calls his students Ragrats.  Yet all his students perform well.

Different teaching styles to keep kids learning.

Most of my generation grew up fearing parents and teachers.  This generation fears nothing and will put you in your place if you ENFORCE.  Many kids drop out of school because of enforcement and I think teachers need to get to know their students well so that they avoid kids getting frustrated and hating being in school.  It is a miracle some of us did not drop out the way teachers and parents were beating us up.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada

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