Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Orchestrated plan to break up @FDCOffial1 in #Uganda

I warned Murefu not to send me any more stupid pictures or annoying videos but he still does it and will pay a price one of these days.

It is crucial for all FDC members to realise that the war is now in your party and you must practice DEFIANCE.

Who is this thug Odongo Otto to tell Dr. Kizza Besigye (the president) and Gen. Mugisha Muntu (the other president) to step down?  Who exactly will replace these two?  Notice that Odongo Otto is not saying anything about Nandala Mafabi as if to incite people to think that this muyaye wants Nandala to take over.

But Odongo Otto is really stupid.  This thug organised and bussed NRM youth to Gulu to hold a mock funeral to bury Hon. John Amama Mbabazi (JPAM, whom I like a lot) and then now mbu Otto wants to take over the leadership of FDC.  This musoga has been one of the worst traitors for opposition.  If you do not believe me, ask him why he said no Acholi will like Besigye because of some woman whose name I shall not mention but you all know who her royal highness is.  As if he even believed in his mambo jambo mbu "If police do not complete a thorough investigation, we shall exhume Akena's body and take it to Kanyanvunza's home".  DO NOT FORGET SO FAST BECAUSE IT COMES WITH A PRICE!

So after all the drama of burying Mbabazi (who by the way is burying the Uganda economy), this buffoon now dares to speak for the people.  BUT who even grew this man?  A politician called Honourable has the audacity to bury another politician who by the way is great friends with Dr. Besigye and then his crocodile tears and since he has not been in the media recently crying about Akena (does he even mourn), today he shows up in one of our most respected news papers calling for Besigye and Muntu to quit.

This is where it gets interesting.  Did Odongo Otto go to the bush?  I might have missed that part.  If he went to the bush then he is an NRM diehard who is trying to tear opposition apart.  If he did not go to the bush then maybe he should go to the bush and hopefully somewhere in South Sudan which is closer to his home and leave all the opposition government business to more intelligent people than his sorry ass.

How much money is Museveni paying idiots to discredit real fighters?  The other week there was an audio circulating in WhatsApp groups of how Besigye, Muntu, Amama and Sejusa are all working for the keeping of the royal family in power.  I told Edgar that Besigye does not own all the Total fuel stations in Uganda.  If you believed that audio then you need to move uphill so that you know how oil companies work.  AND that same audio also said we must all forget these opposition people.  AHEM because that is where things fell apart.  The broadcaster did not provide an alternative so I sensed paid for propaganda.

If you still believe that Besigye, Muntu, Mbabazi and Sejusa are working for Museveni then you need to have your head examined.  They are Museveni's worst enemy and will never be bought by even giving them Lake Victoria, Owino Market, Mabira or Nalufenya.  WAKE UP UGANDANS!  We need a plan to quickly sniff out imposters and moles.

By the way, you will remember my words.  Odrek Rwabogo is on a paid mission to get all the silent dissenters to finally say "look, even Museveni's son in law now sees it that we need change so let me finally speak up and join him".  They will find your fried kabina in Busitema forest with your private parts cut off.  Odrek Rwabogo is fishing for those who have not been vocal and of course he will not succeed because we are going to see the leech for what it is.  Museveni works for his family and is not a servant of Ugandans.  Mukule mubone!

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada where Uganda Airlines does not fly to so come get me.

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