Saturday, March 18, 2017

Open letter to #Uganda @PoliceUG @IGPuganda @UPDFspokespersn @KCCAug

March 18, 2017- Exactly what do you think when you kill our people (my people)?

There is a price for serving a dictator.

Do you mourn for Kasese?  Did you mourn for the Kayunga riots?  Do you remember Acholi, Iteso and Bugisu?  Your elik killed our sons and daughters.  You raped us all.  You infected our mothers and daughters with HIV.  You starved us to death.  Did you mourn for Kanungu?

You even steal our land.  You raze down markets.  You kick our relatives off the streets of Kampala.

You demolish schools and rape the lake and forests.  You silence all voices of dissent till you find TVO.  You beat up journalists on live camera and run a poor man off the street for FDC and then brag about it.

You bundled our people into wagons and burned them to death.  You stole every penny given to Uganda for health, Karamoja, roads, dams and education.  You shot university kids and closed the university down.

Do your children study at Oxford or Harvard?  Do you fly to Hamburg Germany to have babies?  Do you eat a 6 course meal when the masses cannot afford a rolex a day?

Did your children get first class on the national exams?  Do they have a university degree and you sell them to Arabs to be raped and killed?

Did you cry for #BabyRyan or the mother you brutally arrested on live camera with her 2 toddlers?

Did you think it right to undress opposition women on live camera?

Do you earn sh. 50 million per month or a miserly sh.0.5 million which is never paid on time?

Did you not send our sons and daughters into a dictator's wars?  Do you love refugees more than Ugandans?

Did you cry for the Bududa land slides or watch all donor funds get stolen by one of your ministers?

Where are all the people you kicked out of Owino to build arcades and mansions that will never be occupied?

I have a message for you.  Heaven will not want you either.  Hell will turn you away.  We shall watch you all kill each other because a hungry angry man is very dangerous and we are all angry.

Do your parents get treated in public hospitals?  How did that work out for Agaba?

Did you know that there is no #AprilRevolution?  I think it is a scam to get you all to look suspiciously at each other?  Museveni works through divide and rule and he only listens to guns and he has given you all guns and bullets.  Feel free to even use Teargas among yourselves.  Entebbe airport will not have enough landing space to fly you all to India which by the way recently killed one of your daughters?  Neither will Uganda Airlines have enough space to smuggle out cocaine, ivory and pangolian shells.

Where will you hide?  The forests have been cut down.  The lakes will swallow you because I know most of you cannot swim and if you can swim, we got bodies washing ashore at Entebbe beaches for the elections.  Did you cry?  What about the crocodiles?

Are you happy that Tullow is exiting Uganda after UmemeUK, AIG, British Airways, Uchumi, etc..? Are the shelves in Nakumati full of food and drinks or are some empty?  Did you pay the salaries of the teachers and doctors.

EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE, EVERY MOVE YOU MAKE, EVERY STEP YOU TAKE, I WILL BE WATCHING YOU.  I will be watching you. Every single day. Every word you say.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada

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