Thursday, March 16, 2017

Open letter to all #American citizens and residents - Have you forgotten 911, #MuslimBan

September 11 is a memorable day for many of us.  For one thing, it is the day I landed in Vancouver to finish high school at Lester B. Pearson College of the Pacific in Victoria BC so it is a memorable day.

On September 11, 2001 the World Trade Centre was hit by terrorists and which passports did they hold? Saudi Arabia.  Why is Saudi Arabia not on your #MuslimBan list?

Hell broke loose. All TV channels are freaking us out and the air space in US is shut off and then apparently Mexico and Canada have to accept all the planes to land.  You gotta love Canada and Mexico.  People were driving to Pearson Airport in Toronto to try to get families to care for.  We could have done the same thing but I had my own problems.  I had just watched my trading account tank and the markets were not even open but I had not set stops and knew when the markets opened it would be painful.

Turns out every airport in Canada had to allow jets to land and no one knew for how long we were gonna be stuck with those Gringos. If US did a survey beyond Gander Airport, they would find many stories of how every airport city in Canada scrambled to house them when they could not go home. Do the same for Mexico.

We fed you.  We housed you.  We consoled you.  We prayed with you.  You met our families.  You became part and a memory of our communities.  We fell in love with you.  You fell in love with us. When our family was transferred from Toronto to Moncton, we soon learned that the City of Moncton had also received Gringos and housed Americans and some other foreigners who were flying to USA.

The compelling story about Gander Airport has to be looked at in the fact of Gander being one of the places transAtlantic planes refuel from.  It is the first stop when flying into North America from Europe.  Gander is not a big city but the people have big hearts.  The plane people became part of Gander Newfoundland and none of them forgot that disaster.  There is a musical about Newfoundland.

Sadly we forget too soon and too fast.  HB-IWF, crashed into the Atlantic Ocean southwest of Halifax International Airport at the entrance to St. Margarets Bay, Nova Scotia and again Canada had to house the families and deal with the disaster of immense proportion.

Lest we forget, Mexico is the other side of USA and Mexico had to take in many many planes and do the same with hospitality.

The question now becomes why Americans hate Canada and Mexico.  I assure you that if you keep this hate business going on, next crisis you have, we shall not allow any of your planes to land and neither will Mexico.  You take advantage of our kindness and only show us hate.

Go ahead.  Kick out all the Mexicans and then do your own hard work.  Stop all the Canadian medics from entering your country and then find your own nurses.  Kick out all the IT people and we shall get them into Canada.  Stop all the Canadian schools from crossing the border because they have some coloured kids and then we shall not share with you why your education system sucks and Canadian schools teach better.  In fact, that whole thing of tuition of $25,000 international students, we might just reconsider it and make the tuition a cool $65,000 per year just like your schools but retain the $25,000 for all other foreign students.

We might also stop flying to Florida for holidays.  We might also stop your truck drivers from bringing your lobster from Maine to Canada.  Maybe even our lumber should be sold to China and then British Columbia will not negotiate with the State of Washington.

And by the way, the next time you have a crisis, we might not send our fire fighters, police and army to bail you out. And we shall not even cry if you get massive floods like Katrina or that other guy Hugo.  We sung for you.  Never forget that we sung for you.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada

Too bad all the threats will never happen.  Canada and Mexico have hearts unlike some people who shall remain nameless.

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