Thursday, March 16, 2017

On #Uganda #Genocide #Kasese massacre and #HumanRightsWatch

It is exactly 19:27hrs EAT. With what I have seen on NTV Uganda I couldn't hold my breath but rather do what I do best by letting those who didn't listen and hear what the Chief Prince utter out also have a share.

As usual, Our Kingdom no longer has a Chief Prince in principal. Infact, this politician doesn’t deserve to be a Royal. Depending on the number of people we lost, he would owe us an apology towards his statements he made over the TV.

Hon. Kibanzanga Christopher has refuted and rubbished the HRW report that was released yesterday. He alleges that the Report lacks depth and is totally irrelevant and not useful at all.

In the Interview with NTV, He accuses all sides to have caused problems and Therefore there is no need of blaming only the government for what happened in Late November. Asked about whether he was not talking this in interest of making his boss Happy, his only response was...... Laughter.......

Following the article I penned down yesterday about the findings and report of the HRW, Both the American and EU embassies in Uganda have released press releases applauding the Human Rights Watch for a tremendous report and urging the government to implement the recommendations.

On the contrary, Kibanzanga rubbished the report and cited that it lacks depth and transparency. I can confirm witch craft is real.!!!!

The questions will remain many as answers remain limited.

Our followers can now confirm the real enemy we are dealing with as the Kingdom.

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