Wednesday, March 15, 2017

#Museveni's #Oil is a curse for #Uganda

Of course I was not done yet with the oil handshake and I actually did not personally write about it.

Companies hire people for their skills.  You are also expected to do what you were hired for and nothing less. Maybe if you do an exceptional job, you will get a pay raise or a promotion.

But these clowns were all over media telling Uganda how they did an exceptional job to get the money from Tullow and Heritage Oil and hence could justify the handshake money which was not even budgeted for or disclosed as part of their compensation until shit hit the fan.

Then some joker comes forward to stop an inquiry in the matter and Kivundu puts out a STUPID order telling parliament not to talk about the money.  More or less the Uganda media was banned from covering the story.  As much as Chimpanzee is a government mouth piece, you have to give them credit for daring to disclose it all.

So it turns out that the money was $700 million and here we were going all over the $1 million of the hand shake.  Things Fall Apart because while the handshake was being used as a distraction, Ugandans demanded to know and ladies and gentlemen, the country was screwed out of some $700 million.

If these accountants and lawyers were that good, why do they not tell Ugandans where the money went?  And in any case, the foreign firms that worked on that legal battle got paid well enough.  But the jokers in Uganda who only had to provide the paper work now tell us they did an exceptional job. Anyone can buy a photo copying machine with a scanner and fax machine and send those documents to the firms in UK and USA.  Do you really think you did a great job by photocopying documents?

This is where it really hurts.  Uganda accepts mediocrity and if you roll out of bed and show up 45 minutes late at work and sign a piece of paper, they praise you as if you just cured the nodding disease or cancer or aids.  These are nothing short of gluttons, pigs, thugs, thieves, hooligans...I need to find some more words.  Aha.  They are thieves for sure.

Then Museveni wonders why his Oil Refinery is not under construction yet?  Who wants to work with people who think they did an exceptional job just by showing up 3 yrs later with the production license you needed many years ago while the share holders demand to know why Tullow lost $14 billion in 2014 financial year?

Good luck with the refinery, oil pipeline and SGR.  Did you know that many years ago Heritage Oil and Tullow offered to build the refinery at their expense?  Duh!

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada

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