Sunday, March 19, 2017

#Museveni's iron rule responsible for #Kaweesi murder @IGPUganda @PoliceUg


More people may end up with the same fate as the late Felix Kaweesi. It's common sense that if people are denied freedom, they will find a way to fight back and Museveni knows this very very well as he is on record saying that Obote gave us no other option but to fight back. It's not easy fighting a sitting government but there is a way to fight back.

Museveni did not just walk into the bushes and start shooting but he had to destabilize the country by carrying out what is exactly happening in Uganda today. If I blocked water from running in its normal route, that water will eventually find another way to do so.

I am warning members of parliament that be careful of prolonging the people's suffering by keeping Museveni in power indefinitely. Those fighting dictatorial regimes always start by harassing soft targets and MPigs indeed you are soft targets.  What has happened to Dr. Stella Nyanzi for being stopped from her trip abroad is part of iron hand rule.

At present some MPigs are agitating to change the age limit from the constitution and be warned of the consequences. By harassing specifically NRM MPigs people will be sending a clear message that, now we mean business and that's the only alternative way people have in order to fight the regime.

The war to remove dictator M7, has shifted to harassing soft targets and I hope that the MPigs will face less harassment. The problem is not Museveni but those soft targets that help prolong his stay in power. Museveni used the same methods and it worked for him and we should learn from the greatest master of guerrilla warfare.


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