Sunday, March 19, 2017

#Museveni's chicken have come back to roost in #Uganda @IGPUganda @PoliceUG


Do not be deceived of these boda boda people shooting people. These people are professionals and well trained. A regular and untrained individual cannot shoot a high caliber rifle like an AK-47 while in motion. Only trained people have the training to shoot a gun while in motion.

The government trains people and arms those that it trusts. All boda boda shootings have occurred while the attackers were in motion. Absence of war does not mean that the country is at peace and in fact, I would prefer war than what is happening in Uganda because in war, people know how to protect themselves but in a situation we have in Uganda innocent civilians or otherwise are killed like in case of Kaweesi where two innocent people were gunned down.

This is the same situation that took place during Amin's regime and nobody can convince me that Amin is back from the dead to fight Museveni. Museveni has said that it's because the CCT cameras are not installed but the truth is that his priorities for the country are upside down. He can blame it on funds being diverted to road constructions nonsense but he forgot his golden hand shake as one of the reasons CCT cameras are not in operation.  And do these cameras not need electricity or has he forgotten about daily load shedding in the entire country?

Last word.... Museveni will be overthrown or hurt by the very people he trusts just like Obote was. Museveni thought that by eliminating Baganda, Acholis etc. his problems were over. Uganda is not at peace and the late Kaweesi was very very brutal and felt no remorse in getting civilians killed or ran over by police vehicles. Museveni has successfully militarized the country and this is what happens in such a country.


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