Sunday, March 12, 2017

#Museveni pours cold water on investigations of 2 murdered #Americans in #Uganda


Two Americans, Robert Siedle and Nicholas Stroh, freelance journalists disappeared during Amin's regime while investigating massacres and disappearances of Ugandans.  Amin constituted a commission of inquiry into their disappearances and it was found that the two were abducted and killed by soldiers in the Ugandan army that fled to Tanzania. The Ugandan government paid a settlement of $80,000 each to the families of the two Americans.

After 1986 when Museveni grabbed power, Ted Siedle the son of Robert Siedle approached the Museveni government to help him find the remains of his father so Robert can be given a decent funeral. He told Museveni that if his father's remains can be found with the advancement of DNA testing technology, his remains can easily be identified. Finding his father's remains would give closure to the family.

In 1997, Ted Siedle was introduced to two possible UPDF members who had knowledge of his father's disappearance. Apparently these two soldiers were generals at the time in UPDF.  According to Ted, these two high ranking officers had to consult their superiors before the remains of his father can be found. Possibly these two soldiers knew where to find the remains of Robert Siedle.

He left Uganda expecting to hear from the government of Uganda and promised to return in Uganda, only if he could get official Uganda government support. This support never came. Never relenting in search of his father's remains, Ted Siedle contacted the Uganda ambassador to the USA at the time, Edith Grace Ssempala, seeking Uganda government's assistance and the ambassador assured him that she would get back to him as soon as possible. Mrs. Ssempala never responded back to Ted to inform him whether the Uganda government had honored his request or not. Calls to the Ugandan embassy in Washington DC went unanswered.

Why should the government of Uganda refuse to help Ted Siedle find the remains of his father when the two generals that witnessed the abduction are still alive? Amin's government being accused of his father's kidnap and eventual murder did investigate the matter and a settlement was paid but what has the Museveni regime got to lose if his men he planted in Uganda army had nothing to do with the disappearances of the 2 Americans?


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