Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Miserable subway metro ride with harbingers of spring - #Ugandan in #USA

By Owomugisha Regina
As I was coming towards the bus this morning my mood was a happy one.  I was looking at crocuses and daffodils beginning to flower because they are the harbingers of Spring.
I am so happy that I promise myself no snooping today. I said no writing as got on my bus. Happy as a lark.  Almost singing but those who know me well said I am always off keys and should never even sing in the shower.
The bus made a few stops and we picked up my Moroccan friend from Kensington. She is so sad and morose but I don't bother to find out why because I am happy about spring coming so I can stop n wearing these layers of coats, leggings scarves and whatever else I can get on to keep warm.
As I sat next to her she started complaining about the man in front of us who applied a pungent spray that Ms. Morocco is gagging.  To me its a small inconvenience if I have to share my bus I must be prepared to smell, hear, touch and snoop. Different strokes for different folks I remind her. Then she says be careful! I didn't hear it first because I was lost in my snooping mode. Then she repeated it.
I shuushed, her knowing that with her headdress that might bring her trouble. Then she burst out crying. She told me between sobs that her workmates who she was fond of got hit twice by two cars at work. She crossed the pavement without looking rushing to sign in in the morning. It was still dark. Then a taxi was rushing to pick up a passenger in front of their work place and hit the poor woman. He might have thought he hit the pavement because he didn't stop. Because it was dark another car came and hit the poor woman on the ground. Being a Monday I guess people were in a rush.
Some one was able to call the police so when Moroccan came she saw this going on and decided to check it out. The first thing she saw were the familiar black working shoes of her friend which somehow were off her feet.  She rushed to the scene as her heart pumped only to see her friend lying on the ground as the ambulance pulled up. I am thinking at this moment the shock it all filled her and she offered to go to the hospital with her friend in the ambulance.  Friend had no family here but was one of those who work double shifts to send money home.
As they pulled into one if the area hospitals the friend breathed her last.  She could not bring herself to tell me more.  All she remembered was this friend always asking her to be careful when crossing the streets and pavements or even walking alone in the night.
They were a bit close.  So even a few days after she is repeating what her friend always told her.
Truthfully after this story I couldn't imagine that scene.  We cross streets running to catch the bus so we can sign in on time but never think of our personal safety.
We clean with heavy chemicals but never for a moment think we are ingesting fumes which might kill us a few years from now.
Those are the hazards we face. So lady was telling me to always be careful. I hugged her. I had no words but plain sorrow for her having seen all this with her eyes.
As I got off the bus I looked left and right before crossing.
Life is thus.

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