Sunday, March 5, 2017

Meet next #American #Idol on a night bus ride

By Owomugisha Regina

Morning Gators of 256 warm and cozy Sunday.  And Good evening for some of you in the land of dreams. Wake up, wake up let's chat for a bit before I snooze on my bus from the Graveyard shift.

My replacement partner is hours late so much so I must stay until quite late otherwise both of us could lose our jobs. Someone must be on the premises signed and confirmed present for the other one to leave.

I rushed through the process knowing I might miss my night Owl bus.  I made it by the whisker.  See you guys in 256 busy sleeping off last night's escapades cannot understand this hustle.  They keep telling me to leave the thought of guaranteed Benjamin’s and come and settle. Why torture yourself they tell me. You are not so young anymore. Kids are are grown etc. yada yada.

Don’t you dare tell me I am not so young any more.  Do you see something on me like a mark saying .AARP certified?  So let me be with my hustle until I can't hustle anymore.  Until I dress my boss in a diaper even as I adjust mine.  Don’t get into my business. I can still run after three buses and catch them on time and have enough juice to type this.

See night buses are interesting. You get to travel with lovers going home.  You get to travel with would be drunk rappers /musicians rapping on top of their voices like P Diddy didn't offer them a record deal!  They hum and haw and spread their arms and snap fingers.

You want to ask why they didn't audition for American Idol but now of the night no one wants your opinion.  Frankly I don't want my own opinion which tells me I should be in bed.  So why should I start giving the wanna be JYZZ or Beyonce my opinion?

Another thing you don't want to know what these people have been drinking or smoked before they came on the bus.  It is late but having an opinion might land you a spot on Breaking News.  Plus, every one seems to be friends with the person sitting next to them on the night bus.

I just want to have a taste of what they have been drinking prior to getting on the bus but I don't ask. They don't tell.  Just a happy lot.  With secrets, they don't want to share.  Some have eyes glazed over you can't know why.

It’s not my normal hour and don't want to make friends but just snoop and think of how people who are getting out of bed back in 256 are right now.  Lucky ducks, they know by the time they get out of bed Nabutono will have hot breakfast on the table.

As for me I'm on the bus looking at these nice people and thinking of 256, microwave 256 microwave rice.

Alligators I am beat.  Let's talk morning but I think I like night buses.

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