Wednesday, March 22, 2017

UGANDA: @KCCAUG kills babies, destroys lives. #BabyRyan was killed by KCCA

March 22, 2017 - Lately, Uganda media has been awash with the death of a known killer and today they are all over a new baby, the son of the killer who was gunned down in cold blood.

In 2014, KCCA in their greed and intolerance arrested a young woman who was selling fruits on a street in Kampala and hauled her to court.  Her baby of 2 years was brought by family members for the young criminal woman to breastfeed.

While outside the court, the baby of 2yrs old kinda wandered off and a driver of one the KCCA vehicles proceed to run the kid down.  Baby Ryan was killed on the spot.

Why do we forget these atrocities?  Of course the world watched the video of KCCA arrest a young mother with 2 little kids while she too was trying to sell on the streets fruits and vegetables.  This video is one of the most shocking videos one will ever see from Uganda apart from the now famous Kasese massacre.

We did not scream out loud enough when Baby Ryan was killed.  We did not show enough anger when the young woman was arrested with her children.  Then Kasese happened and we cried in silence.

The beauty of life is #KarmaInHeels.  Not soon after, one Agaba who was an enforcer for KCCA and was implicated in murder and released was involved in a bad car accident.  Given that Uganda does not have timely emergency responders, he was thrown on a truck carrying stones.  He ended up in Mbarara hospital which had neither equipment nor medicine.  He kinda died.  But the passenger he was with was flown out from Mbarara, to Kampala and to Germany because she is the sister to dictator Museveni.

Now Ugandans are all over a baby.  Do you know how many babies are still born in Uganda or born on cold cement floors?  Do you know how many children were killed in Kasese?  Do you know how orphans were left in Kasese and how many widows while Kaweesi and Elweru (RIPnext) go on media to say the people in Kasese deserved to die?

Okay, if our people deserved to die by your hands, then may you not know peace until our families know peace and our ancestors stop cursing you all?

Yesterday, one of my uncles John Makuyi was laid to rest in Uganda.  He had been sick for a while but there is no medicine in Bududa Hospital.  Did anyone cry for me?  Well, I really did not tell anyone but our family is also in mourning.  But my uncle was not gunned down and shoved in a mass grave like the people in Kasese.  Exactly what were you thinking when you slaughtered people in Kasese?

May Baby Ryan smile upon all of us so that we remember the cruelty of KCCA, Uganda Police and Uganda army.  May he smile each time one of the KCCA enforcers dies.  May he sing a song so beautiful that we may regain our faith in justice.  May he remember that all the vendors in Owino were evicted at gun point and all their merchandise stolen for there is where his mother would have been, should have been but alas!  LIFE IS NOT FAIR.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada

KCCA vehicle kills two-year-old-baby at City Hall after mother's

Wednesday November 19 2014 The baby had been unattended to while the mother was presented in court. Advertisement By Stephen Otage Kampala. A two-year-old child was yesterday crashed at the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) court premises.

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