Thursday, March 9, 2017



Kahinda Otafiire escaped death when he was almost captured by Amin's soldiers as one of FRONASA members that caused the disappearances of prominent Ugandans. Many of Museveni's killer squads were publicly executed in 1974 but Otafiire lived to continue his clandestine activities against the people of Uganda.

Otafiire joined FRONASA in 1972 and was one of Museveni's executioners and that is why after 30 years in power Museveni cannot dare remove him from his cabinet. Otafiire acknowledged that Amin did not harm him in anyway but it was Museveni and the late Kisimba Matsiko who convinced him to join them and cause havoc.

Otafiire's first contact with Museveni was when Museveni was working in Obote's office in 1970. Museveni at this time was preparing to run against John Babiiha who was the Vice President of Obote in 1968 and died in 1982.

Otafiire stayed inside Uganda while carrying out Museveni's orders from Tanzania to terrorize prominent Ugandans specifically Baganda. He was very influential in recruiting refugees from Rwanda to join FRONASA between 1974-76 among which was the late Fred Rwegyema or Gisa.

Amin killed many of FRONASA members between 1974-75 as they're caught red handed kidnaping and killing Ugandans. After grabbing power, Otafiire said that if you want to beat up people you use the arms of the government which is the police and the army. Does this sound familiar?


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