Friday, March 10, 2017

#Interpol Red Alerts and arrests which do not happen - #Uganda

When you flaunt International Laws there is a price to be paid.

In 2015 the Ugandan govt put out a request for the arrest of Dr. Kiyingi and the red alert was not honoured.  This is unusual and none of us thought anything of it except that Dr. Kiyingi was being framed and of course all charges were dropped in 2016.

Now I think that there was a precedent.  Uganda govt got a red alert which was not denied by Interpol so it was to be executed.  There are 2 American kids who were kidnapped and US, EU and Interpol put out an alert for the mother who is Congolese but goes as a Ugandan and protected because of well, money and influence.  Uganda arrested the mother and the Interpol Director for Uganda let the kinapper walk free after 5hrs.

What is amazing is up to this day, the US government still funds Museveni knowing very well that there are 2 American kids being held in Uganda and not being sent back to California.

It is now that I realise that if Uganda keeps breaking their International obligations and the laws that go with it, they will have a hard time getting the world to cooperate with them when there is a real threat.  Dr. Kiyingi was never a threat except for saying he was gonna contest for presidency.  BUT perhaps, perhaps the world did not accept the Red Alert for Interpol to arrest him.  As a matter of fact that Red Alert is off the files.

In the mean time, the Red Alert on the 2 American kids is still in place.  Play fair.  No one is going to respect Uganda govt if they even go as far as habouring kidnapped kids and not turning them over to the US Embassy.

Now that South Africa has been called by ICC to explain why they did not arrest Bashir, I am thinking that Uganda is gonna be next.  Remember there will be no Clinton or Obama to turn a blind eye.  President Trump is gonna get every American dollar donated to Uganda to be accounted for.  You just watch.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Origin is Uganda but I am a Canadian Citizen
#Missing #Kidnapped kids from #US being held in #Uganda #31years

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