Sunday, March 5, 2017

Ideological, political anarchy, highway robbery hits #Uganda


Sent by Dr. Vincent Magombe


[Rabba Naga, the Senior Freedom Struggle Leader operating from within the Museveni camp narrates the story of Uganda - the betrayed and abused nation – 03/03/2017]

I saw the chaotic EALA elections, I heard NRM Organisation singing UPC songs in parliament, I heard FDC declare a phony war on UPC/DP! I heard Gen Muntu and group take their internal fights with hon Mafabi and group to parliament, packaged in a Turinawe Ingrid delivery.

Then I heard Jennifer Musisi disown the Park Yard CRIMINALITY, and saw police supervised stick wielding goons chase the lord mayor Lukwago and whip division mayors and their councilors.

Meanwhile the country is slowly starving, with no adequate relief funds, just some donated rice from china! Also not distributed because Akol wants it taxed though it's relief food for a starving population. Enter Muhakanizi, Mutebire, Matiya Kasaija and they can’t trace us dollars 700 million (oil money) and 6bn handshake disguised as payment for workers’ salaries (who at the time were on strike for non-payment of 7bn).

Mr. Museveni gives his hand to already over-paid cronies, Kagina, Kaliiisa Kabagambe, Muhakanizi, etc. These take home monthly, legally, this time, over 60 million each as salary etc. Then you have armed M23 "escaping" with arms, entering Congo, chased out, re-entering Uganda again, etc., and the unending South Sudan criminal actions by the usual cartel. Millions starving fleeing, dying.

Then the big one! The hither to untouchable Sudhir, not only loosing "his" bank but having his schools and hotels raided by armed men, ostensibly to arrest illegal immigrants! UTL is stolen just like the rest of them. Businesses are closing and investors beginning to smell the stench. The economy is in shambles; we can’t even raise funds to elect LC 1s.

Even in NRM O where you would imagine order since they are supposed to be in charge, there is a big fight as to whether the self-declared Ssabalwanyi/Ssabagabe is a Strongman as it were, or God knows what else!

We are not done yet, a broke country wants to buy a chopper for our amiable speaker, never mind she is supposed to stay on Parliament Avenue, full time, controlling those over-paid peasants. I forgot to ask, how much of the oil revenue is remaining even when we manage to dig it out. And the crime-wave in the country etc.

Then like when Noah made that famous Ark, now bird flu, ticks no longer die, tomatoes have a new virus, water sources are drying up because the big men have taken the wetlands and built lodges on the forest lands. Don’t be silly you technocrats, that money can’t be used to feed the dying people in Karamoja. We need to keep it to shake the hands of the age limit lifers!

Then I heard a voice asking, how many died in the name of liberation? So what?

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