Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Human Rights Watch requests thorough investigation into #Uganda #Kasese massacre

Hours after The Human Rights Watch released its report,  I couldn't hold my breath but rather pen down a very touching article.

Some months back, I and some other colleagues in The Dream Team have been writing articles demanding for Justice for the lost souls and our brothers and sisters in prison cells and in Prison homes.

I cannot tell whether " Human rights Watch" is also part of the Royal Family. This comes because one respected Legislator who doubles as a Royal claimed that the Royals are the only group of people who had a mandate to talk about issues affecting the Kingdom. I personally think, the human  rights Watch proves him wrong. He took long to understand that the Kasese Massacre was not only a Kingdom issue but also a global matter. This report released today by The Human Rights Watch is giving hope to the grieved families.

According to the report, it did confirm that over 100 people lost their Lives during the attack. Some of whom were women, children and civilians. The government had earlier reported only 80 deaths

The Human Rights Watch report did confirm that many families still have missing people. It advises the government to find out the missing people.


The Human Rights Watch recommends the government to allow the Independent investigations into Kasese Killings.

The Human Rights Watch urges the government to compensate families that lost their dear ones.

It further calls for demotion of Maj. Gen. Elwelu and charges must be opened against him. That is crimes against humanity.

The report tasks the government to state people who lost their Lives and the exact number.

With all these above, our hope is still alive.
Sir-Mutunzi Hason Cente

The Dream Team
Keeping the Hope Alive
The Rwenzori Eagle Eye
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Uganda: Ensure Independent Investigation into Kasese Killings Human Rights Watch releases report accusing army and police of murder and cover-ups during Kasese violence #Uganda: Pressure to investigate #Kasese massacre after RT airs "brilliant #genocide #Uganda #Genocide - #Kasese massacre marks the downfall of dictator #Museveni #UGANDA #KASESE KILLINGS - FROM ETHNIC, SECESSION TO TERRORISM

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