Tuesday, March 21, 2017

How lousy is your life? Have you lived in a homeless shelter or worked in one?

By Owomugisha Regina

Going to a homeless shelter makes one reflect on so many things in life.How life changes in a blink of any eye when one makes wrong choices. Whether one is White,Latina,Oriental or Black,we all make bad choices that are selfish or even seem okay at that point when we cannot control our emotions then lives change forever both for the person and the loved ones.

Today as the homeless people came into the feeding area to get a warm.meal and clean clothes and for some to have rest with people in the same situation made me reflect on many things. It could be a domestic abuse situation or a rage driving situation that sends life in a bad spin.As I was handing a plate of eggs and toast to this guy in the line,I smiled at him.

When we go to volunteer we don't judge these people.We smile and make polite talk about the weather, the economy and all the topics that draw attention away from the dire condition that the person is in.Mind you these men and women are both young and old.Some are beautiful and handsome but being homeless one doesn't have a lot of comforts that we take for granted to work with.So this man here had a good job and a house with beautiful children. 

In a moment of anger he slapped his wife that she lost two teeth and called the police on him.He was arrested and was charged with domestic violence plus endangering his children. One thing led to another none good for this guy.He served his time but by he was through,he had lost it all.With no kind of support he ended up homeless and on the streets of this land of dreams.With no income because that violence episode still reflects in his background report.He can't get a job.One decent guy that made wrong choices.

The line kept moving and I talked to another one that got involved in a traffic accident. The accident itself wasn't bad but he insulted the police officer who had been in the vicinity and came to check on the problem between the two people. The guy also ended up in prison and during the incarceration he missed payment on his house and lost his house. I am at loss for words.

One wrong action in anger and life changes.The homeless people all have stories and one can't listen to them all.One thing I know except by God's grace it could be me.Because I have a bad temper.These people had their lives planned out.But now here they are.Depending on the county to help them out.Life.One has to be on guard. That's what I thought as I handed out plates to these people. They are decent people but for them life changed in a blink of any eye.

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