Thursday, March 2, 2017

How Kamya, Nsereko, #Uganda Police pounced on Nakivubo parkyard cash

By Isaac Kisubi
On the 25th of February this year, sh3bn was handed over to Hamis Kiggundu popularly known as Ham in the presence of Godfrey Kirumira, chairman kwagalana group.
The source of this huge amount of money is a relative of the first family.
The money was meant to pay off each and every person who was to hinder the eviction of the parkyard vendors.
Before the vendors were evicted, the Minister for Kampala Beti Kamya had given them a grace period of 30 days to enable them find alternative premises to work from. But they were evicted just four days into the 30-day grace period.
A financial plan was hatched to ensure that no person stays at Nakivubo parkyard and nobody resists eviction!
The mafias knew that if they let the 30-day grace period to elapse, the vendors would secure a court order to stop the evictions.
So option B for Kamya and group was to use a kangaroo eviction!
The eviction would start at midnight and no single trader would be allow to claim their goods!
Police must flood the entire Nakivubo parkyard!
The Kampala Metropolitan Police (KMP) commander was given shs100m to take lead of the armed anti-riot police.
Muhammad Nsereko was given sh75m to simply keep quiet and to mobilize popular radio callers to keep mum!
It is no wonder that he (Nsereko), the MP where the Nakivubo parkyard is found was not anywhere fighting for the people who brought him into Parliament but was seen fighting in Parliament to stop Ingrid Turinawe from campaigning.
Those who are close to Nsereko say that he can do anything for a price!
Beti Kamya was given sh500m to issue the 30-day notice to the vendors!
The Kifeesi group received sh25m to cause mayhem and this the group that almost lynched the Lord Mayor and counsellors as Police was watching when they came at parkyard during the eviction process.
A group Nakivubo trustees received sh900m to keep silent.
The Nakivubo parkyard traders committee led by Muhammad Ssebaduka got sh300m to betray their colleagues and this is why there was no any resistance whatsoever from the committee!
Even though various media houses are reporting that the Nakivubo parkyard has been taken over by Ham for development, he is just being used the 'untouchables'.
Many vendors lost their merchandise and capital which they will never be compensated for while hundreds of others are pondering their next step!
Vendors trusted Nsereko and voted for him overwhelmingly thinking that he would be their voice but he betrayed them for sh75m!

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