Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Holding back tears in face of injustice in #Uganda

By Owomugisha Regina

Iam sitted on my bus this morning minding my business simply because snooping has to stop.

My bus mate from 256 is watching news on NTV and alternates between whatsapp and Facebook. I take a peek at what has taken her attention only to see the pictures of Afande Kawesi lying down on the ground covered in blood. 

Such shock and horror grip me and I think to myself who will be gunned down next for Uganda to wake up.I feel sad about the comments he made about the Kases killings and once again I think of Phily Bongoley Lutaaya.

He sang about all sorts of issue but one I remember is Today is mine.Tomorrow someone else.we go to stand up and fight. He meant to fight another issue but today I think we need to stand up as a nation and fight insecurity. 

Fight the marauding Boda Boda killers who give other people seeking to make a living by providing essential services a bad name. Fight against the injustices and behaving as by passers when people are suffering. When our people are dying of Cancer and someone comes out and says they will due anyway. When the Park yard is razed and people lose work we pass on and continue with life like it doesn't affect us.

We think it's them not us.  An Mp dies in a Matatu accident and we look at photos of his dead body lying on the floor and make comments and pass by.

We truly have become a nation of bystanders. Onlookers and sharers of the horrible pictures thinking it happens to them and not to us.

What will it take people?Who is my brothers keeper right now?Who will delete the pain and suffering? Some rich tycoon loses his empire and we all say oh let him see how the rest of us live.Let him eat dust and we forget the people that just lost jobs.

Back to Afande Felix,pain am truly sorry he died but I wish he lived to work on improving the police image of which he was a spokesman. 

I wish I could delete the comments about Kasese,Killings .May God forgive us all about and renew our minds and bring back OBUNTu.Over to you.Alligators it's Friday and I better see to Fabian.

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