Sunday, March 5, 2017

Graft in #Ugands starts at an early age - #Corruption is a cancer

Congratulations on getting your degree as a medical doctor.  I wish you the best but want to caution you about your chosen career.

Dear Ugandan graduate, please stop with the big parties when your future looks very bleak.

When I graduated from High School, it was not a none affair. All the kids had to fly home the day after the exams so we had none of that nonsense of prom and graduation parties.

When I graduated with my Bachelors, my then fiance and my brother Bob colluded to throw for me a big party which I of course refused and told them a party would only be appropriate if I had secured a job.

With the Master's degree, I had secured a job and so a party was apparently now something I could not tell them not to do.  Here is the problem.  I was going into the corporate world with student clothes, no business suits, no nice shoes, nothing.  But my beloved  thought throwing a big party for me for my graduation was the best thing to do. It did not happen.

My older brother's wife gave me 6 suits and 3 pairs of shoes.  She is that kind of woman.  She knew what I needed and had these amazing suits from Sears and the Bay they fit perfectly.

So today I wake up to read about a Ugandan student who just graduated and threw a big party to the tune of sh. 100 million in some fancy hotel in Uganda. This is roughly USD $30,000 in a country where a medical doctor is lucky to earn $1,000 per month.

Listen kid. That money could have started for you your own clinic so that you do not have to slave under this thug regime earning $250 per month and hoping you get paid.  I could be wrong.  You might be one of those the govt sends to Harvard for a PhD in medicine only to return home and say the govt must not fix hospitals because it will encourage people to fall sick.

Were I the one with that kind of money, I could have used it to equip the hospital in my home community and given katono to the medics who go months without pay.  But I could be mistaken for you might be one of those that gets involved in a car accident and gets airlifted to Germany for treatment instead of being treated in Mbarara Hospital.  That did not work out too well for Agaba though so I would not count on it.

If I had that kind of money, instead of throwing it on a big party, I would get together with my friends who just graduated with me and we set up a community clinic to care for those sick peasants who cannot afford IHK or Nakasero or likely have no access to private jets to fly out for treatment.

In fact, I could even use that money to help the hungry dying people in my area due to the drought and lack of food simply because the fools did not know that all you need is a bicycle and a jerry can for drip irrigation.  BUT I bet where you come from, no one has died of hunger and no one will.

Then in this case, I would use that money to repair the ram shackled schools in my home area, buy books for the kids, pay teachers, have health clinics in the schools once a week and have the kids teach their parents and elders.  But I bet you went to one of those high end schools like the fool who has 22yrs of investigation and writes that opposition are idiots.

One could buy 2 ambulances and pay paramedics.

One could buy medication for even Mulago.

One could set up a fund and get all of us to contribute into it so that we could buy that RadioTherapy machine.

Oh, the possibilities of what a none selfish person could do with that kind of money are endless.

But you who eat so much, did you know that you can get sick from the food and drinks and then fall sick and not have an ambulance to take you to the closest hospital or if you do get there, find out that there is no electricity or running water and the attendants on duty have not been paid for months and are not rushing for your broken limbs kubanga tuli bakoowu!  I hope you get a bad belly ache for splashing all that money on none essential things and may the gods also curse those who thought it worthy to write about what a great party it was. Temutumanyila agabbi mwe.

If you think I am angry then you are not paying attention.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada

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