Friday, March 17, 2017

Gofundme @mlnangalama - help me to reduce #Poverty in #Uganda

I have set up this campaign, my campaign and the campaign for everyone who loves Uganda to the tune of $1 million USD.  It might sounds outrageous but at least I will account for every dollar unlike some of your donations few in Uganda account for.
I chose the One Million because the first million is all you need and then the rest is history.
Do you think I set it up to enrich myself or my family?  I am on Exxonmobil's payroll and could even get fired tomorrow and I will still get a lot of money. Damn!  I hope my manager is not reading this because I so badly need to get fired.  The beauty of the firing is the package and of course the girls still get $5000 for university per year and I retain the insurance and my oil stocks.  So you can see why I am hard on Uganda.  I do not need to take any privileges from Uganda.
Of course I do not know how all this will play out but I have wonderful brothers who will help me.  Denis is an accountant and knows about integrity and accountability.  Edgar knows about insurance because one of the needs is insurance.  Then this funny guy Sammy will sort all the youth out.  I also have friends in the medical field.  Achilla and Lillian will help the brothers mentioned above to deal with health and work with Edgar on the medical issues for we all need doctors and nurses.  Should we need legal advice, we have Kato Rugasira who will advise us all.  
Our time has come.
Since 2013, I have been writing about the plight of my people, your people in Uganda. Enough writing because it has not fed enough people. 
It has not provided books for children who yearn to read. It has not put medicine in hospitals. It has not paid salaries and it does not provide food for a population of 11 million who hardly eat. 
I can tell you one thing. Together we can make a difference.
My being a Canadian and living in Canada does not give me a free ticket to happiness. The world is in pain and we make a very big mistake to think that our comforts are enough to turn off the news. 
The news is horribly telling us that our brothers and sisters are suffering. WHO WILL BE YOUR BROTHER'S KEEPER? I will stand with the woman in the mirror.
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
#BududaProud #UgandaBorn

Uganda is a country that is rich in resources.  We have the perfect climate to grow food all year round.  Uganda has some of the best places to put on your bucket list.

Unfortunately the country is ruled by a dictator who silences all voices of dissent.  Were I to be in Uganda, you would only read about me as "Martha Leah Nangalama fought for her people but died before her work was done".

The saddest part about my home country is unemployment.  Ugandan University graduates face 87% unemployment and many are being shipped to Arab countries to be maids, drivers or security guards for miserable pay.  The Arabs have not been nice to my people because we keep having to raise money to fly home the dead they kill with impunity.

Uganda is one of the biggest hotspots for drug trafficking and trafficking in endangered species.  Their own media covers all this.  We have 40+ people on deathrow in China and the regime will not extradite them but the regime keeps land grabbing to make room for Ching Chong.

This campaign, please help me, will fund Ugandans to remain in Uganda and grow food for the country.  Did you know that more than 10 million Ugandans hardly afford a good meal?

Our hospitals have no equipment and the medics are not paid.  Do not even ask if they have medicine.

Our roads are death traps.  Our schools keep getting demolished because the affordable ones provide competition to the expensive private ones.  I went to the most expensive schools in Uganda but the kids on my village did not attend such schools so education for all the children of Uganda is crucial.

NGOs keep getting raided and shut down because they lie.  This campaign will provide total transparency for every dollar you give.

Did you even know that our police officers and the army go up to 9 months with no pay and they are paid miserably.  Many teachers also go without pay and so do our elders who are pensioners and get hardly anything and at their age, they need medical treatment and good food.  Uganda should be on your mind.

WE might not solve all the ills in Uganda but we can start somewhere. 

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