Monday, March 6, 2017

Fun bus rides with a good fight

By Owomugisha Regina

Sometimes there is a fight on the bus between a certain age group.  They have so much energy and pure joi de vivre that puts the likes of yours truly to shame.  They holler on the bus and laugh and some hurl abuses and insults at each other.  Totally no finesse.  That was the scenario on my bus to Silver Spring around midday.  They shouted so much that I think I miss my usual bus travelers going to Washington Dc.

So, two of them started pushing and shoving each other on the bus.  The driver stopped the bus and locked the doors.  As it happened there was a police car in front of us that the driver waved to and the kind police officer stopped his vehicle and came and entered our bus.

The fighting people started pointing at each other.  He done it to me, the first one said.  I am not in the mood to correct his English because I am sure I will miss my appointment.  The other one says the same.  All of us on the bus are looking at something or typing on our phones because we don't want to get involved.  It's bad enough that we have the police on the bus.  But giving a statement of support is not on any one’s agenda.  Plus, I don't have a cock in this fight so why volunteer my two cents?

These people ought to know better. Things are okay until someone gets into trouble then you are on your own.  Leave alone these people who whisper into your ears.  Call me in case of anything.  Or can I help you in anything or I will do anything for you.  Those words lose meaning as soon as you need something.

Plus, we are late.  I must go register for classes to improve my life.  At least that's what the advert which I saw on TV last night said.  I mean I really do need to improve my life.  Eat better, spend better and talk better like I want to fix people's lives.  That's the plan.  Have my own TV show fixing people's lives and pocketing their money.  I am still thinking of bettering my life by fixing lives that I almost miss on peculiar person on the back of the bus.

The person is dressed in such a way that I have to adjust my hairpiece.  The hair piece on this person was so flamboyant for this time of the day and my thought is to go ask where they had it done. That would improve my life.  And looking at the person’s nails I wondered how they attend to personal hygiene.

Lady has talons painted every color of the rainbow.  Should l mind her business and ask where she is off to at this time of the day?  Anyways the fracas has died down and we are free to go.  Each to their own.  I say to myself as the bus starts moving again sans the fighting two guys.

Adios Alligators. We have arrived at my stop.  It’s not good to type as I wait for traffic lights to change so I can cross the street.

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