Wednesday, March 8, 2017

For all the women of the world - Happy women's day

By B Rushongoza

Poems like this do not need titles:

Against what would conventionally be the case
This poem is not for you.

This poem is for
Girls that have been taught by their mothers to shrink themselves
Because they are not boys
But they still get insulted for being short.
Do you know how many women around the world live on their knees?

This is for girls
Who are too unimportant to be protected
They wear the fear of rape
On top of their make up.
Women learn to live in fear.
 Women learn to live with fear,
they are compelled to give it a room or two in their lives

This is for girls
Who have seen men walk up to their father
Hand over a bundle of cash and say
“I have bought the right
To see myself in her eyes every morning
To listen to her singing
To have my children taken on her nose.”
Who on the night of their wedding
They are taught not to love, but to belong.
Because in my community
Women are harvested.

This is for the woman
That had to pick her understanding
Of beauty from reality tv and pop culture
Who was led into starving herself
Into self mutilation so that she could be accepted
Is it funny how we give girls
A world where they cannot be beautiful
And attack them for going for plastic surgery?

So yes
I write this for women
I write this to ask question the status quo
Because how can we look on
As women in Yemen are murdered if they don’t agree
To arranged marriages
And in Saudi Arabia it is illegal for women to drive
I want answers as to why
Women are responsible for 70% of uganda’s agricultural produce
But own less than 7% of the land where that produce is grown.
How did we reduce Women to this degree of diminished existence?

This is for women
That society denied the right
To inherit anything
Because they too were property
Capable of being inherited
That church has told that God has a gender.
This is for women
That had to endure beatings
So that their children could grow
Women that endured so much pain
That death started to appear attractive
Who were forced to choose between two hopeless situations.

This poem
Is for those that have prayed for salvation
As their husbands rape them
Or for women that had to sleep hungry
On nights when their men
Took money to bars
And found pleasure
In the wetness of prostitutes

This poem is for women
Who have endured things that I cannot start to describe
The problem with words is that there are some things that cannot form
On the tongue.

And that is why this poems like this do not need titles
Because this is not a poem

In the future
Women will be people.

This poem was shared by Sammy who admins our Soccer Chat 256 after I told him he is gonna be blessed by a daughter.

The portrait is of Leah.  Ms Leah has 2 little American kidnapped children under a red alert by by Interpol and being held in Uganda. A country that respects no International laws should be banned from all your tax money given as donations.

 #US needs to invoke Goldman Act to return #Kidnapped #American children being held in #Uganda

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