Friday, March 10, 2017

@FDCOfficial1 youth launch initiative to impeach @MugishaMuntu - #Uganda

I just received the following message from a good friend of mine although I am not being good friends with him lately because he is very annoying.

Youth in Uganda are among some of the most lost people I have ever met. In fact even at age 9yrs Natasha was smarter than these youth who all belong to NRM Poor Youth or soon to join Jobless Brotherhood.

So what we are facing a bunch of spoilt idiots who have flanked university and got useless degrees hoping to get jobs just because they belong to opposition and of course expected Dr. Kizza Besigye, Nandala Mafabi and Gen. Mugisha Muntu to FACILITATE them and failing that, some of them joined JPAM who does not accept idiocy and then some returned to NRM to join their god father Jarukanga.

There is no youth in Uganda can stand against Mugisha Muntu.  None.  Because I would also like to meet that youth.  In the first place, their desperate poverty is a clue that they can be bought and sold.  WAIT, this gives me an idea.  I maybe should challenge Mugisha Muntu for the presidency of FDC.  I would be so good I would actually go to him for advice.

The Plague / La Peste by Albert Camus is what I now think of these kids with nothing to offer except their voices for some sh.100,000 and data (MBs) and now they launch a campaign to take down one of the most intelligent politicians in Uganda.  WHO BEWITCHED MY COUNTRY?

Just so you all know, I am not campaigning for Muntu but I will campaign against moronism.  I hope they eat a monkey and read the label!  Do any of the FDC members ever stop to think why Besigye, Nganda and who is the other guy? (the priest or the older gentleman) never complain about Muntu?  Politics is not for the half illiterate and you people need to remember what I said last week that FDC is gonna be broken up if you do not pay attention.  After all money buys a lot and I too, I am on the verge of being bought out with offers I walk away from but then what is in for our people?


FDC youths led by budama west north constituency chairman Osinde Bernard and Nakawa fdc youths and sports chairperson Mayanja Robert mupendi have today launched the party president Mugisha Muntu Oyera Gregory impeachment process of collecting signatures country wide amongst both party delegates and royal supporters of the party over what they termed as abuse of the constitution, delegates power violation, incompetence and miss conduct.

In a press conference at the fdc Kampala offices, Osinde says that his failure to appoint committees like disciplinary which tackles cases where they can report him, finance committee, fundraising among others has made the come out as the youths to battle him out.

Osinde says that the party constitution allows them to call an emergency delegates conference after 30-50% of the district delegates and that despite elections being near, it his time they cleaned the house and will act as a warning to other members of his caliber.

He adds that party members are well convinced besigye warned the 2016 presidential elections but he (muntu) single handedly appointed LOP and other parliamentary committees "trying to appease his funders"?

Osinde adds that he wrote to mugisha muntu appealing to resign but he failed to reply for now over 2 weeks and that yesterday they served the party over their impeachment process.,

Basing in the fdc constitutional article 12 a-f muntu nolonger has no control over the helm of the party and they accuse him if creating factions in the party instead of the party unity and cohesion he always talk about.,

They accuse him of failing taking long to appoint deputies of different positions but did it recently only to bring members who will help him take up another term but failed to present structures he has been always preaching., Orchestrated plan to break up @FDCOffial1 in #Uganda

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