Monday, March 20, 2017

#Dictators hate #educated people - #Uganda #Museveni

In order for a dictator to rule with an iron hand, he must get rid of intellectuals.  He must also get rid of elders who have wisdom even if they have no degrees.

Intelligence does not come into your head just because you sat in a class.  It comes from your parents, your elders and then of course the classroom.

When your parents and elders are impoverished, they are much too worried about survival for you and them and so are the elders and then class learning is left on the side.  But say you do get into the classroom, poorly paid or none paid teachers are also worried about the survival of their own kids and they will not teach you with a passion they would use if their basic needs were met.

Uganda is on record for teachers going on strike for not being paid or being poorly paid.  Two weeks ago, one head teacher even committed suicide in a classroom as his school was being closed and all he knew was his teaching career.

Uganda cannot possibly be Middle Income status in 2020 when the most important people (teachers) are not paid or are paid so little they have to buy boda bodas and make a living.

Uganda cannot become middle income status when the education is so diluted a graduate writes a project I can hardly understand because the person is writing Unglish.  This is a language I am still having a hard time learning.

But when Uganda goes ahead and prosecutes PhD holders, academicians, researchers and voices of the people, one has to wonder what they want the country to turn into!

Uganda graduates about 80,000 students with degrees yearly and can only absorb 14,000 into the work force hence our unemployment rate of 80+%.  Then the ones left behind are sold into slavery to Arab countries or to some Asian countries.  Do you really need a degree to scrab floors and wash dishes?  Or do you need a degree to drive a car or be a watch man?  But despite all this, we still sign contracts with UAE, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain to send our kids to them.

Sadly some of these kids do not read their contracts because of the poor education background.  They sign contracts and then soon run into problems for not realising that their employer owns them.

Ugandan social justice advocates tend to be highly educated.  Then they are hated. They are hated because they see the injustice and speak out about the injustice.  This will end soon because no country can survive without voices of dissent.

Go to parliament and see how many MPigs have fake academic papers.  It was quite the fiasco in May 2016 when MPs were being sworn in and could not read or speak English which is the national language of our country.  It was lamentable.  So then we cannot even blame our children for writing badly.

But in all this, one has to give the government credit that they allow Social Media (when not blocking it) so that our youth can read.  Please read as if your life depends on it because it does.  We need a generation that takes initiative and stops waiting for the useless parliament to give them food and housing.  The youth must know that we are in a global village now and your competition is very steep.  You are dealing with young people who read day and night.  They research day and night.  They use social media to locate opportunities.  They are the ones who even create their own job opportunities and most live in countries which have low unemployment; as low as 6.9% in Canada.

Likely the main issue might be is giving up hope.  A broken spirit is hard to repair.  Despondence, despair, a sense of hopelessness.  Yet how can this be fixed if you do not stand up and get up?

Since over 10 million young people in Uganda are unemployed and despaired, the government has a big part to play as well.  Encourage reading and research.  Do not silence the people some of these youth look up to.  Do not tell them their best friend on Social Media has been banned from going to present an academic paper in Europe.  Do not tell them not to contact those noise makers who are really just trying to open their minds to think outside of the box.  Do not keep promoting IDIOTS. You know the ones who are terribly incompetent at their jobs and you make them in charge of Youth Programs.  BUT most of all, help our youth be in this new global village.

There are very many Ugandans who want to help Uganda but dare not because you do not like to be challenged.  We all do not want to be challenged but for how long can we keep this farcade going?  The schools also have to stop the rot learning. It fries brains or discourages learning or both.  What a disaster when the national exams are released and we see kids committing suicide for having failed a stupid exam.  Yes, Exams are very stupid.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada

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