Sunday, March 19, 2017

Day fear gripped all #Ugandans - #Kaweesi murder

The gunning down of Kaweesi was meant to scare the entire country. Govt or opposition, the signal was YOUR POSITION OR IMPORTANCE WILL NOT PROTECT YOU. WE HAVE GUNS. The most nervous person now is Kayihura. On one side everyone in the forces thinks he ordered the killing and us on the outisde think the same.  Sadly, I do not feel that he ordered this kill.  But on the other hand he knows he is next.

Meanwhile Tumukunde thinks he ordered the kill. WhatsApp silly groups claiming Tumukunde and Kayihura were both gonna kill Kaweesi but Tumukunde sent out the order first.  Uttter nonsense!  But then again, the whole country is ruled by INTRIGUE.  Where is Kanyamunya by the way? May Akena not rest in peace until his death is avenged.

But have we thought about the possibility that there is a third force? Not those silly youth who are claiming their friends did it.  But a real third force because of the disgruntled officers and the fact that they know there is systemic cleansing of none Tutsi so they are starting to flash out the Tutsi.

Remember Museveni only listens to guns and most of us in opposition do not want any guns to bring about change.  But what about the ones who have the guns and want change?

You heard Kayihura vow to catch the killers.  Did he not say the same each time a cleric was gunned down? And the same when Kagezi was gunned down?  Have you forgotten that Kayihura talked with Kagezi and Kaweesi a few minutes before each shooting death? Those who follow me know this.  Do not answer your phone even if it is from your mother. Let it ring.  Then call back. Your phone provides the exact location where you are when it rings. Actually even if not answered it still has to keep broadcasting your location but even more dangerous when you answer and confirm it.

The entire police force, army and intelligence organs all live in fear because of the colleagues they keep burying and no one is safe.  This is very dangerous for the dictatorship. You cannot hold all these people at ransom and avoid an explosive situation.

I am of the feeling that this death is going to galavanise many to reconsider why they remain loyal to Kayihura and Museveni.  The killers just showed all of us that the most loyal and protected person can go in a flash.

Remember what I said about Odrek Rwabogo.  He has been fishing for quiet dissidents to now show it and then boom!  It is very important that the dissidents in the forces remain nimble.  Any sign of your dissidence now and you are in trouble.

The wives of these tormentors need to hold back all sex till their husbands promise not to brutalise Ugandans anymore. Ask the widows.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada

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