Monday, March 20, 2017

Curse on #Museveni and his family by a #Ugandan who has had enough

By Namutosi

Following the three men who were killed on the same day, I come to curse all the stupid, senseless, brainless, non-functioning leaders in Uganda.
The miserable sendoff of Erau and Wambewo compared to an helicopter that has uplifted Kaweesi leaves me cursing all the leaders in Uganda. Mulimbwa nyo, wumbwa Kabisa, bulolo.
All my brothers (coz u are the majority) who would wish to join the police and the army under the rotten, rigged regime, I am laughing at you.
OK, if the saying mbu when you die, you meet with those who died before, or who died on the same day, If I were Wambewo and Erau, I would not meet Kaweesi. Because of teh following reasons:-
1: we died coz of him,
2: why was his body handled like a small god, and ours ignored, don't we have families, wives, children, didn't we have those whom we took care of?
Tears flew on my fat, chubby, tomato shaped cheeks while I saw a lifeless body of the late Erau in a coffin that won't last even a week.But what was the color, material of Wambewo's coffin. Was buried in a coffin or the banana leaves from Mount Elgon. Why didn't the greedy media go to Mbale to cover his sendoff? why didn't they uplift his body in a police helicopter? wasn't he a man enough, didn't he have a wife with children? why the discrimination?
You discriminate us when it comes to jobs, discriminate us when we work with you, you even discriminate when we die shielding your main man?
To the family of my brother Wambewo (Bagisu mwe), you must not forget to send off your son calling upon all the gods to deal with anyone who killed our brother, our son, our father, may those who planned your death and those who accomplished the mission fall on an accident and may their family also feel the pain your family has felt.
In situations that one finds difficulty to comprehend the intentions of the stupidest leaders in Uganda, one can only wish the family of these leaders to face the same calamity.
May all my curses come true:-
May one of the leaders face calamity very soon,
May one of them be discriminated after his or her death
May one of the leaders family meet the worst torture.
In the Bamasaba gods, I send my sincere curses!

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