Thursday, March 16, 2017

#Conversatism suffers a blow in #Netherlands - #EUelectionWatch

Let all haters of the new world, xenophobia, anti-immigration, anti-integration and anti-global trade now know that your generation is 50 years too late.  We watched many of you celebrate when Trump was elected as president of the world's biggest super power only to watch him carry through his election campaign hate to reality.  How do you now feel about the new world order?

#MakeAmericaGreatAgain is turning into the #UnitedStatesOfAfrica where everyone is blamed for the ills of America except America.  Africans blame America for all the evils too.  If you did not know that America is not controlled by Executive Orders and by right wing haters and the KKK, now you know that the United States of America has checks and balances.

The defeat of the right wing candidate in the Netherlands elections speaks volumes for that other woman in France who is so conservative she will set Paris ablaze if she wins.  Oh, but to imagine that in this world we have people preaching against religion, colour, race and gender or gender orientation, one wonders if we have not just gone and destroyed civilization.

You can be sure that the French will not elect Le Pen.  The Germans will also not elect extremism.

We have come so far and now we know better.  NO MORE HATE mongering.  To run on a platform which promotes and supports hate has taught America a lesson.  When Trump was yelling about immigrants and Muslims, he did not stop to think that Mexicans would move to Canada or that Jewish places would be disgraced.  You see, what is good for the goose is good for the gander.  OMG, now he says "all attacks on synagogues and their cemeteries must be condemned" but go ahead and lynch people of colour or Moslems.  AND then he wants only PhD holders or equivalent for immigration. I forget, where did his wife get her PhD from and which school did he get his PhD from?

The sad thing is watching the CEOs of the biggest American corporations stand with him without realising that they are immigrants or kids of immigrants and employ immigrants. Go ahead. Stand with the oppressor and history will remember you for your stance on the most outrageos regime in USA!

Mr Wilders’s bad showing is welcome. The less he can impose his version of xenophobia and Euroscepticism on the Netherlands the better. Unfortunately, however, it is too soon to celebrate the roll-back of populism.

The very idea of a populist “domino theory” is misleading. The term derives from the war in Vietnam, where it was used to justify American intervention to stop the spread of communism. In a military context it made sense. North Vietnam’s conquest of Saigon let it move on to Cambodia. But in democratic elections, nothing similar happens. When Britain voted to leave the European Union, the UK Independence Party did not suddenly take control of the economy and establish coastal bases from which to launch raids on Scheveningen.

Even if Mr Wilders had prevailed this week, he would not have won power—in the Netherlands governments are formed from coalitions, and virtually all the other parties had vowed not to work with him. The boost his triumph would have given Ms Le Pen, who the polls suggest is unlikely to become president, would have been insignificant next to the ebb and flow of the campaign within France. So, too, his defeat is a setback but hardly decisive.

Political movements sometimes leap in inspirational waves from one country to another, but local circumstances make all the difference. Mr Trump’s win could not have happened without the peculiarities of America’s electoral college. By the same token, the fact that Mr Wilders did not win does not translate on to Ms Le Pen. The Dutch political system is open and diffuse, with over a dozen parties in parliament and low barriers for new ones to make it in. The French system is more rigid. Because it has shut Ms Le Pen’s National Front (FN) out of nearly all levels of government for years, despite rising popular support, the prospect of a sudden breakthrough is greater. France’s presidential run-off will pit two candidates head to head. One of them will almost certainly be Ms Le Pen.

Another reason to think that this may not be the high-water mark for populism is that Mr Wilders has shown how to drag politics in your own direction even without winning power. Mr Rutte has held him off in part by adopting some of his language. In the Netherlands, traditionally a tolerant country, it is now common to speak of Islam as a threat; the discussion of asylum-seekers focuses entirely on how to keep them out, and the idea of leaving the EU is now taken seriously. Mr Wilders has also put forward legitimate arguments about the welfare of working-class Dutch left behind by globalisation. If a new government dominated by the centre-right Liberals and the liberal D66 party ignores these issues, it will find its triumph over populism short-lived.

Here’s to Ponypark Slagharen

All of these anxieties, over Islam, refugees, the EU and globalisation, are as pressing for European voters today as they were yesterday. As it turned out, they did not lead to a win for Mr Wilders in the Netherlands, but they might yet for Ms Le Pen in France. The international rise of populism is not so much a row of dominoes, as a wave bearing down on a line of sand castles. Some will fall and others stand. Celebrate Mr Wilders’s disappointment, but the wave rolls on.


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