Thursday, March 16, 2017

#Communicating in the new world of #Internet, #Media - #Uganda

Most of what I write is intended for Uganda because we have a lot of work to #MakeUgandaGreatAgain!

One kid contacted me saying "wat do i nid to b an activist?"  I told him "can you write because articulation is key so please confirm that you can write eloquently". The kid replies "yes i can writ". That is exaclty the reason why that kid cannot be an activist.

When I set up the WhatsApp group #UgandaNewsBriefing, I set up some rules.
1) No Unglish or abbreviations.
2) No sharing news without a source link and if the source does not want to be identified due to security issues then indicate it.
3) No attacking any member in the group.
4) No sharing what we post with the identities of the person who shared the news so you must strip off the mobile numbers and names when you share.
5) No copying our numbers and putting people in your own groups.
6) No adding anyone to our group without the person requesting to be added.
7) No proxy additions.  You wake up one day and you have been added to groups because someone said in that group "Add Leah she will contribute".  But just think about this. Why did you add me to NRM YOUTH FOR MUHOOZI 2021?  Had you asked me first, I would have told you that Muhozi will not be president in 2021.  I already know who the president will be but if I had to tell you I would have to kill you.

Many of you know Frank Gashumba, Charles Rwomushana, Andrew Mwenda and of course our Dr. Tamale Mirundi.

Study their communication styles.  Whether on TV or Social Media, they manage to awaken the demons in us.  Main reason being that they communicate eloquently despite what their messages most of which are worth listening to.   The others are SPAN.  He writes 3 or 4 paragraphs with impact.  Milton Allimadi writes only one short paragraph. Rabba Naga writes usually 4 paragraphs.  Dr. Vincent Magombe writes short crisp sentences and hits where it hurts.

Back to our #UgandaNewsBriefing.  The group has wonderful writers and boy can they ever write!  We specifically refuse to accept bad writing because abbreviations encourage laziness and all of us are now writing better.  Reporting news needs clarity and any grammatical errors take away from the message.

Why Ugandan graduates need to take clear communication is because it affects your chances at getting a job.  Most jobs involve writing reports so if your report is written in Lumasanglish, believe me you will soon join Jobless Brotherhood which is always recruiting anyway.  I can give you a contact number.

Poor communication comes from "Poor Reading Habits are the enemy of Civilisation".  Read something.  Pick up an old news paper and read if only to improve your sentence structure or to add onto your vocabularly.

I came from work one time and Mini was rolling on the couch saying she was suffering from dyskinesia. I even had no idea what the little brat was meaning and when I asked her what she meant she told me GOOGLE IT!

"Dyskinesia is a difficulty or distortion in performing voluntary movements, which often occurs as a side effect of long-term therapy with levodopa. But it can also result from prolonged use of certain antipsychotics. Dyskineticmovements look like smooth tics -- sometimes like an uncoordinated dance."..Wikki

So at age 9 the kid was telling me to Google what I do not know.

Age 14 she says she is ordering a custom pair of Nike shoes online custom designed with "I am" on one shoe and "lit" on the other shoe.  This time I did not farce about her choice of words or how much she was gonna bill to my Paypal.  I hit Google and searched for "I am lit teenager".  It replied "the kid is on fire".  Basically means she was pumped up.

So my advice to Ugandan graduates is to learn to use a search engine. Google is a great search engine for everything that has been written about on the Internet.  Google can teach you a lot including writing, meanings, sentence structure, pronounciations and even translation.

Ugandan graduates need to use their MBs (data) to learn.  It will greatly improve your communication style.  The links I share about jobs and scholarships require reading.  Then the applications require writing.

Go grab a book or newspaper or read my posts on Facebook using your FBzero.  The world awaits.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
I am passionate about education and learning for they are the gates to employment.

Much gratitude to my friends in #UgandaNewsBriefing group.  We set the bar higher!

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