Sunday, March 5, 2017

Catch the metro and bus - it is my day in the land of opportunity, #USA

By Owomugisha Regina

Today is mine.  I am getting my Benjamin’s so I am in the mood to catch a bus and a Metro to my job. Sometimes a girl must feel rich. That is called perception. I am feeling rich and fabulous that the two words sound so joyful in my mind. The foolishness, almost makes me miss my bus which will deliver me to the Metro stop. I notice most riders in this bus are yawning. I think they didn't read what John Cochran once said during the O. J trial. Three things to do when you must accomplish something.  Preparation, Preparation. Preparation.

That's what your truly did this morning. Prepare to use the Metro/ Train which is three times more expensive but I'm feeling rich. Know what I'm saying? Like a, sensible Sista, would ask. Who tells you I'm in my right senses this morning. All I want is to sit on the Metro train knowing Fabian is, waiting for me with my Benjamin’s.  Well I better come to my senses because when I got to the Metro I realise I don't have enough fare on my fare card after swiping it on the machine.

So here is the plan, I am. I'm not buying another fare cardia going to wait and see which Metro passenger is rushing to swipe theirs then I will jump in. This will save me $6.00 for the trip. That’s exactly what I just did. Don't you dare judge me and say I'm a fare dodger. I am just careful with my money. Period. Take that to the Bank. Come on its Friday, you think I was going to spend so much on my ride?
Sitting on the train I feel ashamed of my actions but I remember Baroka, Yes that guy of many words in the Lion and the Jewel who said Shame belongs to the ignorant.

See its good we read many books, way back when. This thought covers my shame of fare dodging. This Metro journey takes us through Silver Spring. That’s in Maryland and my stop is the city where they pay taxes without representation. Yes,  Washington Dc.  In the beginning, I used to wonder why they must add DC.I was told it's in the District of Columbia. Because there is another Washington in Seattle. That place where 50 Shades of Grey takes place.  Reminds me, this young lady flew in from 256 and called the hostess in Washington.

I am here she said.The hostess drove to the airport to Washington Seattle and waited and, waited and decided to go back home.She got another call from Miss in the night.  Sarah you didn't pick me.  These airport people are telling me it’s Washington Dulles in Virginia. Honey chill, the hostess was so angry because now she had to buy Miss a ticket to bring her to Seattle. And it was the thought of the home care packages. Maganjo, Semutundu, Ensenene etc. that made her but the tickets to bring miss the other end of USA otherwise she would have left her to her own devices.

So when you travel to Washington remember to add which one you want.  East coast or West coast.
Busy typing this I don't feel like snooping because this not a bus plus I am thinking how I will jump the fare machine at Dupont at Metro Center. The fare patrol that end is so vigilant. I am sitting next to a man dressed in such manner that you can tell this here man came to DC for a meeting. Nice suitable briefcase which I think contains his papers that's state his purpose of being in this region far from his Mama sita and beautiful bambinos. 

We don't share much in way of words but this guy here will fork out $6.00 on his fare card for me.  After all some Government is giving him a refund of the same.
So we pass a few stops one of which is Union. Station where a big group of people get on the train.  They are coming to Washington DC to march for some cause.  See there is always a March in this city. Immigrant marching, Prolife. Anti Gay etc. You get my point.

Now I see I don't have to embarrass myself pushing the African brother thru the fare machine.  This group will pay my fare.  That will give them reason to come back and March against fare dodgers in America.  And that's exactly what I did. Although knowing what raids going on about immigration status this and the that it's not a risk worth taking.  But I don't care and I just did.  Thank you very much. Adios for now Alligators. I must go get my Benjamin’s from Fabian.

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