Friday, March 17, 2017

Brutal murder of #Uganda Assistant Inspector General of Police Andrew Kaweesi @IGPUganda - clear signals for all who support #Museveni

This death is a very clear signal to everyone in the Police force, Army and Intelligence that you are not above the law.   You now know that you are next.

The death of AIGP Kaweesi must not be taken lightly.  He was gunned down in broad daylight.  The killers opened the car to confirm that he was dead plus his driver and body guard and then shot them in the heads.  Then they took pictures and shared them to the world as if to tell us that all of us are next and of course we could be next.

Kayihura has questions to answer and he better address the public as a father, son, husband, uncle and nephew because far too many of us await when he gets shot dead.  I will personally not want it because then I will not have my uncle to throw my anger at.

The ambulance called after the shooting of our son (he is now my brother in blood and for this death, I am only getting started) showed up one full hour after the shooting death and even only after the pictures of my brother had been shared on social media.  When we have a meeting or rally, police show up within 2 minutes because they are all over the place but today it took them a whole hour to show up for the death of their own.  WHO FEELS SAFE NOW?

I understand that some people who shared about the shooting for media and on social media are in custody for having dared to tell Ugandans and the world the story of how the second top Police person got killed.  You try that crap in other countries and kill the next person in line after the top police general and hell will not have a place for you.

Was it Karma?
Was it that he was gonna be implicated in the Kasese massacre?
Is it possible that he knows about the Kayunga riots and the tortures and murders from it?
Might he have been lenient towards Besigye for his police officers let Besigye escape sometimes?
Might it have been because of the degree he was pursuing while a police officer?
But I think it is because Kaweesi became Khawoya and became a Mugisu and that is how he became my brother and you all know I fight for Bugisu.  So did Kaweesi Khawoya finally decide that we are all the same and maybe say something that made people know that he was no longer a Tutsi or Muhima or Mukiga?

Kaweesi / Khawoya had perfect teeth.  He had a gap in his teeth that used to make me stop looking at him talking.  He had the perfect smile and the lips to go with it.  His nose was flat unlike some people whom I shall not mention.  He had a big forehead.  One time I looked at him when he was on camera and he had the perfect hands and I thought, he must be a Mugisu.  Unfortunately he was protecting murders and supporting a system that just killed him.  See the picture of him Happy with Kayihorror and of course we know that Kayihura sent the killers for his prodegee!  Damn you uncle!

You people need to ask yourselves how the children of Kaweesi / Khawoya will look at all the pictures we have of their father. YOU PEOPLE IN THE POLICE FORCE AND THE ARMY AND INTEL, DO YOU WANT YOUR CHILDREN TO READ ABOUT YOUR CHILLING DEATH WITH PICTURES?

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
PS: The price of silence is too high and I dare not pay it.  SILENCE IS CONSENT.

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