Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Big city travel and our phones - The Big Apple in land of dreams #America

By Owomugisha Regina

Coming home from Washington dc I decided to sit back and enjoy the scenery and do some wool gathering. My travel mates seemed to be absorbed into their phones and I didn't feel like snooping and spying. So I moved to the front part of the bus and started chatting with the driver.He proudly said he is DMV born and bred .I asked him how far he has traveled from DMV and he said he has never thought about it plus age is catching up with him.

A few people got on the bus after Chevy Chase and as a professional snooper I looked mainly at their shoes.This guy who I think is almost my age had his shoes polished so good I could almost see my reflection on the shoes.And he has such finesse and polite manners.Asking the driver who he is doing sir and asking about the family of the driver.Maybe it's his shoes .Polished so good that makes him polish his manners too.Drivers take us places on time and few people stop to thank them or even greet them.When guy with Polished manners and shoes got off the bus we all admired the way he carries himself. Regal and polite.

I got talking to the driver about jobs and how people just want us to show up on time .For some no one asks them about them selves.Its like do your job sir or ma'am and do it well . Anyway as the bus kept on going we take about trusting God and not leaning on our own understanding.Thank God this morning I was lucky to go into the word.We shared about job challenges and joys of serving. Him saying that he never gets any attention because people don't think it matters.Just drive and get us there on time.As we got into the word I talked about Habbakuk. Where he tells us to write the vision and put it where everyone can see it.

I always do that and I asked him if he does them same.He said no he keeps it all in his head.I explained that when yiu write stuff down you always remember to follow what you write.Like a shopping list.Before I got off the bus the driver thanked me so much and said he felt I had been sent to him by God.See we never ever share the word on the bus.I thanked him for those kind words then he added.You are Lucky.I said that's my name .For real he said.I responded Word.

So I'm at home and I'm thanking God that my words meant something to someone. So I hereby tell you all who read my journal, I thank you.You matter because when I see something I wonder if telling it to you makes a difference. Thank you.

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