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Before you ask who killed AIGP Kaweesi, Who killed Brig Noble Mayombo? #Uganda @IGPUganda @PoliceUg

This Sunday March 30, 2014, The London Evening Post begins a special and detailed investigation into the mysterious deaths, disappearances and unexplained car accidents that have taken place since the National Resistance Movement (NRM) shot its way to power nearly 30 years ago and claimed the lives of many Ugandans from all corners of the country.

The investigation will look beyond 1986, the year the NRM came to power and try to understand who was and continues to be behind the killing of prominent people that include heads of state, businessmen and women, politicians, ordinary citizens and most of all, high ranking officers and men of the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF).

Our investigation will start with revealing what we have been told is the thinking of the UPDF. How long are they going to let their fellow officers be killed, subjected to unexplained arrests and sent to die in battles in foreign lands? Is the Uganda army surely still solidly behind Gen Yoweri Museveni? Who are “The Three Musketeers” now running Uganda with an iron fist?

Many people inside and outside Uganda have agreed to join us to take on this mammoth task. Many are still serving in the Museveni Government, something that clearly shows all is not well inside the Museveni camp. We will discuss why the bush general is now walking with his eyes fixed behind him, not sure whether to trust even his closest bodyguards.

This is going to be a long investigation and this Sunday we will mention only a few of those we have so far investigated and will tell our readers what we have found. For example, our investigations will reveal that Brig Noble Mayombo used his position in the army to buy something very important that might have hastened his untimely death. What was it? Many have sent us comments that former Speaker of the Uganda Parliament James Wapakhabulo died from AIDS, Really? We have information to the contrary. The same has been spoken about Lt Col Serwanga Lwanga. We will look at what we have been told could have actually happened to him.

Do you remember Maj Gen Kazini – the tall general who was allegedly clobbered to death by his girlfriend who is now serving a prison term? Our sources will name “the giant” that Gen David Sejusa spoke about last year as being the one responsible for Kazini’s murder. On whose orders was this assassin operating? We will reveal the information we have been supplied by a UPDF ‘insider’. And what about Gen Dr John Garang de Mabior? Did he really die as a result of a helicopter crash? We have information that will shock the people of south Sudan as well as the family of the helicopter’s pilot who have been mourning their loved one since.

For those of you who were mature and living in Kampala soon after Idi Amin was overthrown in 1979, you will perhaps recall the sudden rise of killings by unknown gunmen who traversed the capital’s streets in a bus and carried out killings involving strangers that had nothing to do with politics. The bodies of their victims were left lying on the streets of Kampala for several days. Ever wondered why no investigation has ever been carried out about these killings? Who was behind them and why? We will investigate.

What happened behind the scenes on the day the then National Resistance Army entered Kampala? Was it indeed a ‘bloodless coup’ as we have been made to believe? Shock! Horror! We reveal all. This investigation starts on Mothering Sunday. Many mothers will sit and remember their loved ones who were taken away and no attempt has ever been made to explain who was behind their deaths. We will try to give comfort to these mothers by revealing information that has come into our hands regarding those that were behind these killings?

In our investigations, we have come across ‘a pattern of things’ that will shock everyone. Why haven’t we ever looked at this pattern before? Who are the main players in this pattern? Are they still alive? In today’s world, those behind this pattern of killings would be described by psychiatrists as having the mind of a serial killer. Do we then have a serial killer on the loose in Uganda? If we do, who is it? We will investigate.

We continue to appeal to all Ugandans with information regarding these killings to contact us. We will never reveal our sources of information as we are bound by our journalistic ethics never, ever to reveal their names NO MATTER WHAT. Anyone who was in a position to know what was going on is kindly asked to send us an email and we will contact you.

The London Evening Post is very grateful to those of our readers who have contacted us and given us detailed information regarding what has been going on in Uganda all these years. Some of the information we are unable to collaborate and cannot be 100 per cent sure of its credibility. But we have information that could only have been known by those in the theatre of operations. 

We will deal with any information given to us with the utmost professionalism we pride ourselves
Throughout our investigation, we will encourage Ugandans to put aside the fear they have of the regime and embark on the road to liberation. The regime has used the fear of death to silence the majority. We will be appealing to you all to rise up and put fear aside and confront those that have put us under this spell. For it is only through being courageous that we will save Uganda. 

There will be many roadblocks on the way, but by now we surely have become used to going around them.  Finally, we would like to reiterate that while we investigate these killings, we are not calling for revenge. We will be advocating for a truth and reconciliation committee to help us come to terms with what has happened to the country and discuss means by which all will sign to the understanding that this current system of things ought never to be repeated.

We therefore invite all to join us this Mothering Sunday as we investigate the facts behind those that have mysteriously departed from us and whose deaths have never been properly investigated. We would also like all to spend a minute on Sunday to remember those that have lost their lives in suspicious circumstances. Remember them in your own ways. 

Send us names of those you want us to remember who died in such circumstances so that we may post their names in The London Evening Post this Sunday. In sending these names, we are asking that you tell us a little bit about what they were and how they met their deaths. This remembrance is only for those Ugandans who died in tragic and unexplained circumstances, not those who died in natural ways. We will remember them.


Who killed Brig Noble Mayombo? We investigate

This Sunday March 30, 2014, The London Evening Post begins a special and detailed investigation into the mysterious deaths, disappearances and unexplained car accidents that have taken place since the National Resistance Movement (NRM) shot its way to power nearly 30 years ago and claimed the lives of many Ugandans from all corners of the country.

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