Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Beautiful #Uganda is now displayed globally on #SocialMedia

For many years, we have yearned for the world to see the beauty of The Peril of Africa.  Many of us were too afraid to talk about our country for fear of being perceived as working with a rogue regime or criticizing the thug regime.  But our God rules and puts everything in place.

Who knew that teargassing Ugandans would become a global entertaining play?

Who knew that evicting vendors off the streets of Kampala with some being shot dead on live camera could be seen by the world?

Perhaps no one thought that hijacking a plane at Entebbe could be played out.  AND then of course the stupid youth who burried JPAM and soon later laid siege to the courts in Kampala when the chemical Ali was supposed to show up in court!

Perhaps few realised that when ABIM hospital nurses were being suspended that the world would know.

What of those 67 young men whose bodies washed up on the shores of Lake Victoria from drowning with no signs of having been in the water and of course even had wounds.

Who even knew that Kenya Airways would refuse to fly to Kitgum, was it Moroto or Gulu or Rwakitura to pick up a general would show up on world news?

Uganda is a gift that keeps on giving for now even the world has seen the madness in what used to be called a parliament.
But Uganda loves to display to the world why they deserve all the donor funds for they were in media beating up journalists and driving over a baby.  KCCA killed baby Ryan but just say RIP.

Then the audacity of Elweru Byanyima on camera saying he raided the Rwenzururu Palace in Kasese to rescue the king and of course he had to bomb the place down...all on live camera.

Perhaps you have forgotten Makerere University being shut down and then the aftermath.  Some people still think they should go to Uganda as International students. HELLO!

Then we had those street vendors, market vendors but they actually do not matter.  Of course the medical interns going on strike for no pay was nothing too.

We waited for the Big Bang and lo and behold did it ever happen.  The entire world witnessed Pigs yelling and clamoring for food like the starved piggies they were in Parliamet or whatever was left of it.  What a glorious show.

Museveni needs to be given credit for giving Ugandans a global voice from wherever they are and this no longer has to be a competition because our security forces are the winners for showing us the brutality they Ugandans suffer while the world had not been watching.  But Museveni even went further and allows them to show when they are beating up opposition and running over opposition so that the world can see why he must rule till he decides to step down.

We still have that problem of medication but they should all fly to Germany.  Then the issue of hungry kids. Let them eat cake.  Of course someone is gonna ask about Dr. Nyanzi and her menstral pads as if this is even a topic we should deal with it.  The kids should just use tampons.

Do not complain that you do not have jobs because Uganda govt has signed many contracts for you all to get jobs after getting your degrees.  Temuli baavu.  So in essence, the Uganda government has made excellent use of the Internet and Social Media to showcase to the world about the possibilities which are endless.  I would rather arrive on a plane being hijacked because there is a terrorist on it than arrive on a regular plane because the former would be like so totally out of this world although my boss might hesitate to approve my next trip home next time given as I might have been on a plane with a terrorist.

FYI - posting car licence plates on Twitter for owners to claim them was absolutely great too since building a database of all the cars registered is rather silly and so was attacking Nyanzi for daring to remind us all that we have failed our daughters.  SHAME!

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada

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