Friday, March 17, 2017

#AprilRevolution in #Uganda - #ArabSpring moves south of the Sahara @IGPuganda

This revolution is very simple.  It will be based on the principals of what started the Arab Spring in Tunisia.

It will be peaceful and we expect no drama from AIGP Andrew Kaweesi.

We expect fire trucks and ambulances on every street corner because those goons might try some tricks.

All participants must take bottles of water and lemons.  Uganda govt might deploy tear gas.  I think it hurts a bit and you need water and go blind for a bit.

The key targets are: Burn down State House Nakasero.  Burn down State House Entebbe.  Then set Parliament ablaze and catch all the pigs.  It will be a porc day and we all love muchomo.

Do not distract any people who are going about their business unless they are selling made in China or fake India phones.

Charge your phone completely the day before this day which I am gonna mention soon.

Stock up fuel, medicine and food for 3 weeks.  Okay at least wakyili mwe namwe try for 3 days.

After we are done burning the whole country up, we must then rebuild it.  So all the engineers and handy people must be aware of the fact that we must rebuild Uganda.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
PS: But what day is the April Revolution by the way?  I do not know. Do you know?  Do we know that everything we tear down must be rebuilt?  In April I will tweet about the #CanadaSpring.  You are on your own.  If you think the only way to help Uganda is to die, go ahead and die.  I have alternatives.

Kasule Lumumba warned about the State of Uganda killing children.

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