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Another #Uganda #rebel group announces fight against #Museveni #SCOF #AprilRevolution



Dear Compatriots and friends of Uganda,


AWARE of the fact that the present MILITARY regime led by a one Yoweri Museveni imposed itself on the people of Uganda and considering that this regime has unilaterally abrogated all agreements previously entered into in the spirit of reconciliation with other fighting groups, political parties, religious institutions and Non Governmental Organizations;
CONVINCED that our mother land Uganda is now faced with difficulties as a result of military dictatorship that has committed heinous crimes against the people of Uganda based on pervasive corruption, nepotism, cronyism, despoliation, discrimination and tribalism etc etc,
NOTING with great concern that the national wealth has greatly been MISAPPRORIATED, SWINDLED leaving millions of Ugandans wallowing in abject poverty perinnially unable to harness their physical, material and resource potentional;
CONSCIOUS of the need to create and maintain conditions of freedom, reconciliation, rehabilitation, permanent stability and prosperity within our country for the benefit of all citizenry;
SEEING that the national army is being used arbitrarily as a sectional tribal militia group that has to owe allegiance to one dictator, one political party and one ethnic group;
MINDFUL of the fact the liberation of our country from the current corrupt military dictatorship and the badly needed establishment of a true democratic state of the people, for the people, by the people lies entirely in our hands;
REALIZING that the people of Uganda have continued to be denied the chance to freely elect their government through a free and fair election without intimidation, threats and killings;
IN PURSUIT OF  our aspirations for freedom, democracy, reconciliation , rehabilitation , national unity, peace, progress and prosperity for all;
FULLY COGNIZANT of the utmost desire of the people of Uganda to be free and to live in peace and harmony within the country and also live in peace with her neighbors and the rest of the countries in the world;
FURTHER NOTING that the fundamental freedoms of persons to associate and participate with in political processes have been severely deprived by the monolithic NRM regime which imposed dictatorial rule over the people through the barrel of the gun;
NOW THEREFORE, WE the indigenous Ugandans, acting on our own behalf and on behalf of the silent majority of the people of Uganda, irrespective of ethnic origin, tribe, creed, sex, or political affiliation, have resolved to dedicate ourselves through the combined effort of the SUPER COALITION OF THE FEARLESS (SCOF), which we have formed to wage war against the despotic, corrupt and repressive military dictatorship in Uganda and in pursuance of OUR declared aims and objectives, we hereby adopt and share this political statement:

The lives of any politician and non politicians  OR haves and the have-nots alike in Uganda today are continuously driven to a conflict between conscience on the one hand and the diabolic rule of President Museveni on the other. The conflict arises for men of conscience , for men and women who think and who feel deeply for their motherland Uganda . Around the world, men and women have been wrongly sentenced for just protesting against, say, obnoxious laws or policies or for standing up against hegemonic rule like in Central African Republic, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Former Zaire, Kenya etc . In those cases and many others not mentioned, people could do no other than oppose the oppressive regimes and suffer the consequences for it. Neither can we. Neither can many Ugandans in Uganda and elsewhere.

The NRM regime as was started, the junta as was propagated and designed by the National Resistance Movement, is a regime which, in our view, is despotic, immoral, unjust, totally undemocratic and therefore intolerably unwanted.

Our consciousness dictates that we must vehemently protest against it, that we must oppose it; that we must fight it using all means at our disposal, and if need be, borrow more means to stop it. Men and women, we think and believe, are not capable of doing nothing, of saying nothing, of not reacting to injustice, buffoonery, of not protesting against oppression, deprivation and suppression, of not striving for the good society as is cherished elsewhere.

Many of us were made ‘criminals’ and got reduced to down trodden refugees because of what we believed, because of what we stood for, because of what we thought, because of our conscience. Can it be any wonder to any body that such conditions make men outlaws of society? Can it be wondered that such men having been made stateless by the self-purporting but unpopular government should be prepared to lead the life of stateless paupers as we have led for many years? Does it suprise any body that we have started killing some brutal police officers like the fallen Andy Kaweesi? In an army where nepotism and tribalism and cronism are the order of the day can we fail to get sympathisers?

It has not been easy for many of us for many years to be continuously hunted by the frightening thought that, after manipulating the changing of Article 105 (2) of the Constitution of Uganda, Museveni will rule Uganda for life! What started like a bar joke is materialising under our very noses! Does is surprise anyone that we have started killing the most brutal stooges/ cadres of such a demagoguic, evil regime? A regime that kills, murders citizens with no slightest sense of remorse? In this age and era of increased awareness about human rights and freedoms? Does it surprise anyone that after many years of intermittent provocation by the evil regime in Uganda, we have taken this ultimate route to die as we shoot back instead of being shot with tied hands, kandooya style? Does it surprise anyone that after the recent documentary shown several times on television (A BRILLIANT GENOCIDE) about the obvious involvement in the mass killing of Ugandans in Northern Uganda, we have no option left but to grab guns tufafagane?

The life of statelessness is more difficult than waging war against the hegemonic rule of Y.K.Museveni. No man in his usual senses would voluntarily choose such a life in preference to the one of normal, family, social life which exists in every civilized democracy. We, however,have been driven to this situation and we don’t regret having taken the priceless decision to wage an armed rebellion against the current despotic government in Uganda. Andy Kaweesi therefore, is not the first and shall not be the last! From today onwards every death by killing or kidnap or disappearance shall rest on the hands and shoulders of the evil regime in Uganda. Many other people will be driven in the same way by the same force of bad/tyranninc rule. History has proved time and again that no amount of hegemonic intimidation can deter men and women when their conscience is aroused, nor will it deter our people or our colleagues with whom we have suffered and continue to suffer.

We are prepared to pay the ultimate price in whichever currency, even though we know how bitter and desperate it can be to fight against a murderous regime. We have scientifically analyzed the situation and we know how gross the dead – counting and material destruction will be, nevertheless, those considerations do not digress us from the path that we have taken nor will they sway others like us. For, to all men and women in Uganda , freedom, justice and equanimity is the pinnacle of their ambitions, from which nothing can turn them aside. Our hatred for the dreadful conditions to which our people in the country are subjected  is more powerful than the price we are going to pay in the course of this armed insurrection.

Over time, we studied  the art of war and revolution and, whilst abroad, we  underwent courses in modern military training and warfare. Our preparation therefore is thorough. Our resolve is complete and we are going to stand and fight like men and women of volour, helped by our gallant sons and daughters and friends of Uganda, and we are ready to  share the hazards of war with them. The regime has asked for war, it cant get smiles! It has used live bullets, live ammunition against the  innocent and unarmed civilians, not once, not twice but on numerous occasions and on all occasions our brothers and sisters have died en masse. Why? If the regime is not killing on spot, then it is burning houses; if it is not burning houses, then it is torching schools; if it is not torching schools then it will use poison! Some poison will take a life after months; some will take a life after years and some may simply take days! We have realised that the regime doesnt have a monopoly over poison neither does it have a monopoly over guns or sabotage.
The purpose of the early stage of our armed struggle shall be to wear down and weaken the regime through intermittent disruption of all state activities, psychologically paralysing all state functionaries, removing individual tyrants/stooges/collaborators (from departments, corporations, ministries, districts and villages etc) and thereby generating a huge loss of public confidence in the regime. All those involved in the day – to day ‘’nuts and bolts’’ operations of the machinery of the evil regime should expect to see a lot of suprises from us. Any one seen to be working/supporting/collaborating with that evil regime in Uganda shall be seen as an enemy of the people of Uganda, and should not look any further when called to account.
All agents of the tyranny, informers, army,  at all levels have qualified themselves as targets already, since more membership to work with such tyrannic departments signifies a willingness to disregard the rights of others. The identification, tracking and elimination of such persons is an obviously primary component of our armed struggle. Please be informed. We will hit and destroy all facilities where you sit and yawn while planning to steal public money. We will just destroy them. As our match gains momentum, those involved with the evil regime will become less and less, making the further disruption of the day-to-day activies of the state more visible and costly to the state. Eventually, the regime will have fewer personnel to deploy and will succumb to the law of gravity and collapse.
We have not planned all this  in a spirit of recklessness, nor because we have any love of violence. We have planned it as a result of a calm and sober assessment of the political situation  after many years of tyranny, exploitation, and oppression and murders of the  people of Uganda by the evil regime in Uganda. Those who sympathise with us (the poor and abandoned) shall be spared. Those who side with the despots have qualified themselves as targets.

The youths in and out of school
Are not getting adequate protection and guidance
Are being neglected, abused, and underwhelmed with activity
Have no comprehensive future to wait for, but turbulence, poverty, hopelessness, turmoil and instability of both mind and environment.
Have low labor productivity;
Have no access to markets;
Have no collateral to have access to money lenders, and the elite prey on them to keep their privileged positions, fat money purses etc.
Under the circumstances, millions upon millions of Ugandan youths have gotten trapped in the sub-basements of the social structure. They are the ‘’have not people’’. They are discriminated against, sickened, handicapped; they are outcasts in their own country; materially & psychologically they are foreigners to their own country’s wealth and prosperity; they are taunted and haunted by knowledge of an abundancy which never reaches them! Massive embezzlement, endemic corruption, and senseless spending on non issues keep them locked out of the economic picture. They are ROBBED OF ANY SENSE of individual worth and dignity. They are cut off, forced to live outside the rest of society, deprived of the sense of belonging. Summarily, they ARE PERENNIAL VICTIMS of an endless thick cloud of frustration, desolation and humiliation, so thick and deep and enveloping that hope is lost in the abyss of unrelenting mindboggling perennial nothingness.

The lack of human dignity experienced by the proletariat in Uganda is a direct result of the Museveni policy of disempowering and submerging the majority of the masses in abject poverty so that he can rule for life. Fortunately, we have resolved to stop him. Enough is enough. We call on all able bodied Ugandans and friends of Uganda to stand with us shoulder to shoulder as we fight to kill and eradicate the evil regime in Uganda.
During our life time as social –political activists we have dedicated ourselves to the struggle to disentangle the Ugandan society from the manacles of enchainment through peaceful and non violent means. We have cherished the ideals of a conventionally acceptable democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony with equal opportunities. This is the ideal which we live for and which we want to achieve. But if need be, it is an ideal for which we are prepared to die.

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  1. Very timely indeed. All men and women of valour shd just roll up their sleeves and fight. The time for lamentations and counter lamentations and commentaries should be behind Ugandans. For heavens sake.