Friday, March 17, 2017

Another one bites the dust in #Uganda - Govt spokesman gunned down @IGPUganda

"There are many ways you can hurt a man and bring him to the ground....another one bites the dust".

It is never nice to celebrate a death and we should not all party this weekend for Alex Kaweesi (Kafeesi) having died by the gun wielding people he has praised so often on camera for dealing with thugs like me who think that the Museveni regime is in its last days.

We should not celebrate for Kafeesi thinking that beating up and shooting unarmed Ugandans was okay because they were are a nuisance.  AND of course they are when they need food and medicine and their relatives go missing.

Why would we celebrate the death of someone on record for a murder that still has no final investigative report?  Do you think Mrs. Wamala is crying?  Where is Baguma anyway?

Why must we celebrate the death of a man who deploys impoverished hungry policemen to State House Kasangati or to Makerere University?

Why celebrate the death of a man who thought Kasese was not an issue?

If you are reading hoping for words of consolation from me, you will get none.

How many orphans do we have in Uganda?  How many widows mourn their husbands?  How many nurse torture and bullet wounds?  Why do you have so much cancer from expired teargas?

May all our ancestors and dead from the Mountains of the Moon give us another sign.

May Mt. Masaba collapse on you all for the death of my people for your FRONASA and fake liberation.

May the ghost of Daniel Nangalama get everyone of you so sick that you land in a public hospital and there is no medication to reduce your blood pressure or no ambulance to take you to Mbale Hospital or the roads are so bad that you dare not drive your father in the car waiting to take him to his own personal doctor in Mbale.  May my father ensure that all your elders go without pensions so that you will remember that the man slaved for 25 years for Uganda Posts and Telecom (UTL) to now see it vanish in the air.  May you remember that he grew coffee and educated his kids from his land but you have taken away our land and killed the cooperatives.  In fact, I hope his curse keeps working.

So Uganda kills our families and we must cry when a thug gets killed by the goons he was protecting?  Do you know that Dr. Henry Gombya wrote about gun downs in Uganda after he fled to UK and this after his good friend Kayiira had been gunned down in front of the home?

Did you know that millions of people were killed in Northern Uganda and we did not talk because they were Anyanya and little did we know they would come for the Bakonzo.

Then they came for Kasese and killed thousands of Bakonzo and we still thought it would not touch us.  I assure you that Buganda is next.  Busoga and Bugisu should also prepare.

Do you know how much it hurts for a widow to fight for justice after her husband is murdered and the main witness is also murdered?

But who killed Joan Kagezi?  Was Kayihura not there promptly?

Our parents and grand parents cry for us all and will ensure that all the killers of our people face justice.

May the ghost of Kazini find you.  May the ghost of Wapakhabulo hit you.  May the ghost of Mayombo hurt you worse.  AND where are all the 16 clerics who were gunned down?  Let their Allah bring a wrath so severe that the country will be shrouded in a drought or a flood.  WAIT, I think one of these things already happened.  Then let the pests and petulance eat all your crops and cows and you face a hunger so bad that the hunger will make you yearn for food.  Yearn for Justice. Yearn for Change.  Yearn for peace.  Yearn for love.  The loves we lost.  May you suffer an incredible pain that you wake up crying and believe in the 77 DOGS and buy Holly Rice and Holly Water and wash it down with Holly Tea.

May you be so cursed that you eat Chinese noodles with chopsticks.  May you become slaves on your land since you sell your children into slavery to Arabs and then cry about returning their dead bubinas.

May you wake up and know that we are suffering so much #MuseveniMustGo!

Please let us not celebrate any death.  Alex Kafweesi leaves behind a wife (maybe wives, he might be a Musoga) and children.  He leaves behind friends and many relatives who thought of him as a hero.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
PS:  After all the above, I now proceed to have a crying session for my heart is torn to pieces because I liked him too.  I am not sure if my tears are for the loss to his family or friends or if my tears are for our Uganda.  IT HURTS BEYOND BELIEF!

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