Wednesday, March 15, 2017

#Africa's #Dictator #Museveni has failed #Ugandans

I join Professor Kanyeihamba in condemning Museveni's life presidency or his new scheme of leaving power and having his family succeed.

When Hon. Kanyeihamba talks, all Ugandans listen and the world now must listen.

Museveni has raped Uganda and turned The Pearl of Africa into The Peril of Africa.

Before I get into the dangers of Museveni and his lies, let me talk about the possible successors he has in mind.

His wife is a school drop out who even got degrees by harrassing universities.  Her degree in Education at Makerere University led her to shutting down Makerere University after that notorious TVO exposed her teaching experience in Sweden.  The woman writes like a grade 3 drop out. She has no critical thinking and is on record for telling starving parents to buy food flasks and send hot food for their kids to school.

This witch is also on record for calling Karamojongs lazy after she had overseen the total destruction of Northern Uganda while mining their gold.

Museveni's son whom some Ugandans praise shot people during the Kayunga riots.  Even worse, he has a very low IQ and EQ.  He half failed school.  His SFC has brutalized more Ugandans than you can count.

Then the clown Odrek Rwabogo who has been fishing for dissidents pretending that he is against his father in law just so the silent dissidents could fall for the stupid games and come out only to be flashed out.  But this guy got into a war on social media vs. the People.  What kind of stupid goes to war with Charles Rwomushana?

Apparently Odrek was mad about his wife dying in Berlin.  He went to war with Rwomushana when it is actually SPAN who killed Patience.  But Span also resurrected Patience.  Odrek mbu "it is heartless to celebrate death".  Kyoka how many Ugandans have been killed by his father, mother and brother in law. Although the Patience death was just a test to see how the regime reacts to a death of their own.  SPAN proved a point.  Their deaths are more important than the milions massacred by them.


1. He has promoted theft, corruption, mediocrity, incompetence and nepotism.  Multi nationals keep leaving Uganda because of this corrupted way of running a business and a country.  Do you remember the oil handshake or the Chinese now pushing back on the money tap?  How is your oil refinery coming along?  And the SGR and the pipeline?

2. Museveni intentionally impoverished Uganda by killing all the parastatals, banks and cooperatives. Who did he sell Uganda Airlines to by the way?  What kind of stupid takes possession of the only International airport in the country?

3. Museveni destroyed education to such a point that you find a univeristy degree who cannot articulate and hence cannot get a job.  Solution is to sell degree holders as slaves to the Arabs.

4. Museveni stole Uganda.  Our land has been taken over by imposters and refugees.  He invades neighbouring countries to cause an influx of refugees so that bazungu can give him money mbu for refugees.  Why is that dimwit Boris in Uganda meeting Museveni to discuss the security of the Great Lakes Region with the man whom the arrogant Britons have been funding to cause all the wars?

5. Museveni sends our sons and daughters into wars he creates. Oh but the madness in UPDF is beyond comprehension.  Museveni flies Ugandans to Somalia to be court martialed in Somalia and be imprisoned in Somalia.  WAIT, he no longer trusts the judges in the kangaroo courts in Uganda for they have seen the light.  But it could also be that his UMEME cut off power to Uganda's maximum security prison Luzira. I sure hope that one of these days the guards will not see light and all the political prisoners will escape.

Talking about Jail Break, why did UMEME not cut off electricity to Butabika?  This would make a good movie script.  Imagine the maximum security prisoners meet the lunatics from Butabika and they burn down State House and take over Parliament.  Wanji?  Parliament is full of useless pigs.  I beg to differ from Rwomushana, there are no prostitutes in Parliament. What we have in parliament is a bunch of pigs and gluttons.  At least prostitutes work hard for their money.

6. Museveni's patronage and promotion of corruption has cast many hard working people in the wrong light. Engineers, doctors, accountants, journalists, managers.  This is so bad that we no longer see the value of hard work because even the hard working ones are westerners or related to the first family or friends or concubines or something close.  Such madness.  Do you people know that not all Banyankole are thieves? Did you know that many westerners suffer and will be hunted down unless we bail down the real problem?

7. Museveni has destroyed all institutions and he is not done yet.  Where is King Mumbere by the way? But just look at the state of hospitals and schools.  His most recent crime is to take URA and UNRA down.  Do you know that all donors and funders and thieves look at Revenue Agencies and Infrastructure which in our case is The Ministry of Works (aka UNRA)?

Museveni and his family are a liability to Uganda and to all the funders.  Do you not think you should wake up? Are you smarter than a P3 kid?  But are you smarter than Prof. Kanyeihamba?  I bet even a kindergartener can embarass you at Snakes and Ladders if you think Museveni is any good.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada

PS: written on my phone. Will correct on the computer on my blog.

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