Friday, February 24, 2017

#XenoRadar #Xenophobia #SouthAfrica updates - Minister of Home Affairs statement


"Government will not allow elements to attack foreigners or immigrants whether documented or not, whether legal or illegal"

● South African government will not allow the current sporadic violence to degenerate into further violence or xenophobia

●There are no statistics to prove that the crime levels prevailing are a result of foreigners or illegal immigrants.

●Foreigners in South Africa must be calm as government respects international migration laws and the dignity of human life, will not change laws at the instigation of the few.

● We believe that immigrants make positive contributions to the economy and well-being of South Africa.

We are Africans and will continue to foster good relations between Africa and it's people.

●No foreigner would be harassed whether they are documented, listed or undocumented and we shall respect the human dignity of immigrants in South Africa and anyone attacking and harming any foreigner will be prosecuted.

●Government is concerned by the prevailing crime rate and will fight it as such without allocating blame to a particular group.

● foreign nationals are encouraged to obey the law whilst resident in South Africa.

●However concerns are being taken to encourage companies to ensure that they comply. Some officials have already been prosecuted for flouting company regulations especially on the requirements that a company should employ minimum 60%South African especially in the hospitality industry.

● We encouraged that communities in Altrege, Pretoria West refused to join the few marchers that attempted to engage them in protest. We are also happy that a rally against foreigners in Johannesburg flopped. This shows that these protest acts  are being driven by a few and isolated individuals and groups.

● Keep calm as there are no South Africans planning to fight or remove foreigners whether they are documented, illegal or not.

●President Jacob Zuma is also committed to securing the safety and human dignity of all people in South Africa including immigrants.

●South Africa will try to resolve immigration issues especially undocumented immigrants. It is for this reason that we issued special permits for Zimbabwe and Lesotho.

●South Africans are not xenophobes.

● Don't share videos, voice notes, newsclips, pictures and from past xenophobics of 2008 and 2015 attacks, as they alarm, cause panic, incite and worsen the already volatile situation.

Help government with positive statements.

No one has died from the recent attacks in Johannesburg or Pretoria.

● I rebuked the mayor of Johannesburg for his criminal utterances against foreigners. We will not allow any political leader at any level to issue statements that promote feelings of xenophobia.

● We are changing the immigration laws not to make them protectionists or close the borders of South Aftica but to attend to the gaps in the law.
we will not profile anyone or any country.

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