Tuesday, February 21, 2017

#Xenophobia Alert #SouthAfrica - SouthAfricans in other countries need to beware of retaliation

By St. Anthony

Dear fellow African brothers and sisters,

It is noted that the South African citizens are plotting again another Xinophobic attack starting from the 24 of February 2017. It seems like South African people will never want to love to live together with other fellow Africans people just because of heritage.

The message to all foreigners in South Africa is that please send this message to all foreign WhatsApp contacts you have in your phone and let this message go back to all African countries through the whole African Continent that since the South Africans are planning to attack foreigners and chase them out of their country, then they should at the same time tell all their people residing in other African countries to leave those countries and go back to South Africa or else their brothers and sisters will also face what other foreign nationals will be facing in their country South Africa.

Because this time around it will be tit for tat, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth and ashes for ashes. Because we are tired of their nonsense.

These haters of foreigners are facing a hard time to get jobs in South Africa and a hard time even to get documentation and cannot even say which jobs they are saying foreigners are taking from them!

These people are full of nonsense and this time around fellow Africans don't give them a chance to pick in our eye.

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