Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Why #Uganda dictator #Museveni waged a war in 1979


Museveni used the cover of vote rigging in order to wage a war that would greatly benefit the Rwandese to take over our country. Anti-sentiments against Banyarwanda in Uganda are not new.

In 1969, Obote had realized the dangers these people presented to our country and ordered all refugees that were settled in Nakivali, Oruchinga and Fort-Portal areas to register so they could be sent back to their country of origin. The Rwandese that came to Uganda after 1962, were to be deported back by Obote. Of all the refugees in Uganda, the Rwandese presented the greatest threat to Uganda's security and stability which is not too different now.

When Obote returned in 1980, he instructed Paul Muwanga to ensure that those young Rwandese among which was Paul Kagame were not allowed to participate in our electoral system. After the elections M7 complained of vote fraud and recruited heavily those young Rwandese refugees into UNLF; examples are the late Gisa popularly known as Fred Rwegyema. When Obote was elected through questionable elections, he put a plan together to put all refugees in a concentration camp which prompted UNHCR, to resist such a plan. UNHCR did not resist Museveni putting Acholi in concentration camps much later.

After Museveni grabbed power, he created concentration camps in Gulu where many lives perished but there was no outcry by UNHCR. Using the army, police and UPC youth wing, Obote started to round up Rwandese specifically using panda gali and other unconstitutional means to send them back to Rwanda. Many of their homes were destroyed without compensation because Obote wanted to punish the Rwandese for joining M7's rebel group. The politics of revenge must end in Uganda.

Museveni did not use these Rwandese on the front lines during the war but mainly those recruited in Central ( Kadogos) region, were on the front line. M7 saved his fighting force of Rwandese until almost Kampala was captured. On his swearing in at the steps of parliament where he gave his infamous speech of a fundamental change, Museveni was being protected by soldiers from Rwanda. Because of greed Museveni's army fought with Banyamurenge ( Tutsis of DRC), in DRC in order to capture DRC and force his political beliefs on that country.

The writer Nathan Span is not against those that are born within the walls of Uganda. People that were born outside Uganda should not be allowed to stand for the presidency, or selected for vice presidency, army chief staff or in any high security position that can result in what has happened to our country today. This issue of Banyarwanda will not go away unless we swallow the sour pill in order to make right the wrong that was made by our so called freedom fighters.


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