Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Why should #Ugandans pay for #Museveni's crimes?


Let us face it. Dictator Museveni's refusal to relinquish power is due to the crimes he has committed since 1972 to date. By refusing to leave office this helps him to stay in power indefinitely. The stupid constitution of 1995 does not allow a sitting president to be prosecuted and that very constitution is helping and abating Museveni to escape justice. If we need a constitutional amendment that's the one that should be done. I call upon the opposition members of parliament (even if they are just shadows) to bring this motion to the table.

As long as Museveni clings onto power, all his family members and close associates are getting away with impunity. If a sitting president has been mentioned for ICC prosecution then you know it is very serious and S/he has tons of crimes both internationally and domestically.

Museveni as a head of state is responsible for the country and crimes committed under his watch is his responsibility. Corruption sticks out as a sore thumb in Uganda and stockpiles of cash he has in State house are a few simple crimes committed by Museveni.

Invading DRC and plundering its minerals to a point that Uganda has to pay $10 billions to DRC is another reason why Museveni is going to remove the age limit from the constitution.

When Museveni committed those crimes for the simple reason of lust for power, he did not consult the nation for a green light. Those supporting him to extend his stay in power among, which is Kigunddu and the like,  will be prosecuted and they should know that the time for change is upon us and nobody can prevent change from occurring.


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