Sunday, February 26, 2017

Video: #Xenophobia - #Ugandans in #SouthAfrica

The video is in Luganda. The Ugandan in it runs a business in South Africa selling car tires but talks about a one Ivan Ssemwanga who steals cars and exports them into other African countries.

Apparently he also throws money at people (native South Africans) causing many problems for Ugandans who are now being hunted and yet are not criminals.

The speaker says more than 150 Ugandans have been killed so far (he does not specify the time frame) but appeals to Ugandans to tell the government to help the Ugandans in South Africa.

Except the last time there was Xenophobia in South Africa in 2015, the Ugandan government said it was monitoring the situation and advised Ugandans to hide.

I hope you are hiding.

Martha Leah Nangalama

Government cautions Ugandans in South Africa as xenophobic violence erupts Government cautions Ugandan nationals living in South Africa amid xenophobic violence

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